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From the Future With Love by Alison McKenzie (Review)

If you're looking for a fun time travel tale with romance, friendship and family themes, then this will be a satisfying good read.

Book Details:

Book Title: From the Future With Love by Alison McKenzie
Category: Adult Fiction, 296 pages
Genre:  Romance / Time Travel / Science Fiction
Publisher: Acorn Independent Press
Release date: Aug 4, 2017
Content Rating: PG-13 for language

Book Description:

An invite from her best friend to spend the summer in Scotland, and celebrate her twentieth birthday, is just the thing Robyn needs to put some positivity back in her life. On the long drive from Devon, she is strangely drawn to a man she finds collapsed and bleeding in the middle of a wheat field. There is something about this dark-haired, dark-eyed stranger that’s more than mysterious. The last thing Robyn expects is to become entangled in a romance before even crossing the border, but she feels an inexplicable connection, and perhaps Shay, feeling it too, or due to his bang on the head, starts dropping hints about life in another time.

From the Future, With Love is a love story with a time-travelling twist, and a reminder that today’s actions have future consequences.

My Review:
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

I'm always drawn to books that feature time travel and usually it's about travelling back into the past, however this book features a hero from the future, 2000 years in the future to be exact! And his world is a little dystopian. Although there are also scenes of travelling to the past, this book was different from the other time travel books I read because of the futuristic component, and I liked that.

Robyn needs a change in her life. Her university major is not working out, her mom has turned into an alcoholic to drown out her sorrows after Robyn's dad passed away and her best friend has moved to Scotland where she is undergoing physical therapy to recover from a serious car accident. Robyn decides to make an impulsive move from England to live in Scotland to be closer to her friend and on the way there has a strange encounter with three men, one of whom is Shay, from the future.

Robyn becomes romantically involved with Shay, who is not only different but also keeping a secret as to why he has travelled to her time period. What ensues is an entertaining tale about family, friendship, second chances, love and following your heart's desire.

I enjoyed this story because it was so much more than just a romance. McKenzie truly captured the importance of family and friendship in her debut novel. Robyn was a feisty character with a good heart who loved her best friend and needed to find her purpose in life. The story started out strong, lagged a little mid-way and then ended with a great twist at the end. It was a bittersweet and lovely ending. There were occasional f-bombs and religious expletives, which I thought were not necessary. The love scenes were tame and not explicit.

If you're looking for a fun time travel tale with romance, friendship and family themes, then this will be a satisfying good read.

Disclosure: Thanks to author for sending me this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

But the Book:

About the Author:

Heralding from a mix of Scottish and Germanic ancestry Alison McKanzie was never going to surrender completely to convention. Excelling at English Language and Literature in an otherwise uneventful school career, it is no surprise that she would eventually be drawn to writing a novel, only how long it took her to come to this conclusion.

Immersing herself into marriage and raising my two children, not to mention a thirty-five-year nursing career kept her occupied until such times as they flew the nest and she suddenly found the luxury of time on her hands. 

Imaginary worlds and situations, that are realistic enough to create that ounce of belief they could be real, led her to a blueprint for the books she has written so far. From the Future, with Love, is her debut novel.

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