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Marvellous Macey: The Delightful Days by Caitlin Bangsund (Book Review and Giveaway!)

Marvellous Macey is about a little girl, who despite difficulties, has a zest for life that she loves to share with others. Enter the giveaway to win a copy!

Book Details:

Book Title: Marvellous Macey: The Delightful Days by Caitlin Bangsund
Illustrations by Csongor Veres
Category: Children's Fiction (Ages 3-8), 40 pages
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher: Caitlin E. Bangsund
Release date: March 2021
Tour dates: Mar 1 to 28, 2021
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Can you va va voom? Do you light up the room? Marvellous Macey does! She may not quite fit the mould, but she is living delightful days. Embrace Macey's world of imagination and ability to love and accept everyone. Life may not be perfect and some things might be hard, but Macey shows us how to live in the moment and find the delight! Be inspired by Macey to make everyday the BEST day.

My Review: 
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

Marvellous Macey is about a little girl, who despite difficulties, has a zest for life that she loves to share with others. She loves to sing, laugh and play, and interact with people and animals. But school is hard for Macey and makes her brain very tired. Despite certain disabilities, Macey makes every day her best day ever. She is a delightful girl and her enthusiasm comes across beautifully in this book.

Macey is also inspirational, even more so because this book is based on the author's own daughter, who as a toddler, fought leukemia cancer, and a bacterial infection that turned septic. I learned this from reading Macey's journey on the author's website. She truly is a miracle child. Although the book's narration says that when Macey was younger she had some mountains to climb and battles to fight, it does not give any details as to what these battles were. I think that the book would be more relatable to children suffering from serious illnesses had it given some indication as to what these battles had been.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Csongor Veres. With whimsical illustrations, he captures the essence of Macey, her spunk for life, and her delightful days. In addition, from the beginning, the reader is encouraged to search for a weasel that shows up throughout the pages 16 times. I loved this because I know my kids used to love books that included some searching in the pages.

Marvellous Macey is a beautiful book with a positive message for everyone, children and adults alike. She inspired me! As a person and as a parent. Her zest for life is contagious and her exuberance for life, despite all that she went through, is inspirational. A delightful book that is timely and can help children to focus on others as they overcome their own difficulties.

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Meet the Author:

Caitlin Bangsund is the author of Marvellous Macey, The Delightful Days. It is the first in a series based on true life. Caitlin knows the trial and trauma of childhood cancer, childhood disability, and the fear of almost losing her daughter — the star of the series — Macey. She encourages readers to look for the treasures that hide in the rubble and gloom. Life is beautiful chaos and her message is to press on and conquer. Read her stories and help create a world that is full of kindness and acceptance.

Connect with the author: website ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads

Meet the Illustrator:

Csongor Veres is a freelance Children's Book Illustrator. He has a strong art background and 10+ years of experience in illustration and in graphic design.

He loves producing magic pictures, whimsical and unique environments for his characters. He keeps his work simple and clear but he pays meticulous attention to detail. He works in both traditional and digital media and he also loves combining traditional and digital techniques while retaining the traditional feel of the illustration.

He creates illustrations for picture books, fairy tales, book covers, and posters. He loves stories about nature, children, dreams, traveling, magic and kindnesses. His works have been published in a number of international publishing houses and publications like Hallmark and Happiness Mountain Inc. 

Connect with the illustrator on his website:

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  1. Thank you for the glowing review of "Marvellous Macey, The Delightful Days." I'm so glad you took the time to read about her journey and that you left feeling inspired. Keep sharing your reviews and spreading the joy of reading. Have a delightful day! Caitlin

    1. It was a pleasure to read. Thank you for stopping by, Caitlin!


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