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Kitty Hawk & the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series Book 4) by Iain Reading

Kitty goes to London where she quickly becomes involved in a l00-year-old mystery.

Book Details:

Title: Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the R.M.S. Titanic (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series Book 4) by Iain Reading
ISBN: 9781502598205
Published: February 16, 2014
Published by: CreateSpace
Trade paperback, 234 pages
Content rating: G

Book Description:

Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic is the thrillingly cryptic fourth installment of the exciting Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series featuring the intrepid teenage seaplane pilot Kitty Hawk and her various adventures of mystery and intrigue as she follows in the footsteps of Amelia Earhart on an epic flight around the world.

This fourth book in the series brings Kitty to the emerald hills of Ireland where she meets a handsome stranger and is quickly swept up in a perplexing hundred-year-old family treasure hunt involving secret codes and puzzling clues that lead her on a fast-paced adventure that carries her from Dublin to London - from the decks of the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic to the temples of ancient Egypt and the streets of Jack the Ripper - until she finally unlocks the mystery and discovers the long-hidden treasure.

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My Review:
Reviewed by Sandra Olshaski

Reading a Kitty Hawk book has quickly become one of my favourite pastimes. "And then there was silence. A silence so complete that not a single one of us dared to breathe. For a moment, I was a lost soul again, set adrift in the universe, and floating on the memory of the adventures that had led me to this place so many months before."

In this book, Kitty is continuing her round-the-world flight, following in the footsteps of her heroine Amelia Earhart. Kitty is in Ireland on a publicity gig, when she is approached by a tall, dark, handsome young man who wants to hire her to solve a mystery involving his family and the ill-fated Titanic. The clues include an old newspaper clipping, a crossword puzzle and a postcard with strange markings. Kitty is off to London to the British Museum to learn about hieroglyphics, and includes a trip to Abbey Lane of the Beatles fame, as well as taking a tour of Jack the Ripper's domain.

Kitty continues to be an independent, smart young woman, but I was somewhat disappointed in her this time around. Stealing, Kitty? Really? And, I think the author didn’t need to go into details about Jack the Ripper's escapades. This is, after all, a YA novel – too much unnecessary, gory information.

The 100-year-old story of the Titanic never seems to lose its appeal. As usual, the author has deftly created an intriguing mystery surrounding it and 2 real-life people who were on that voyage so long ago. Mr. Reading's books are always educational. I loved the slew of information about the Titanic. For example, I didn't know that it was a royal mail ship, hence the letters R.M.S. attached to the name. I'm impressed with Mr. Reading's erudition regarding the Titanic, the Rosetta stone and hieroglyphics. He is able to convey this to the reader in a simple, understandable way.

The novel is a page-turner. The chapters are short and there is a lovely section "Some Further Reading (if you're interested)" - the author's words - following the 2 epilogues!

History buffs will enjoy the references to the Beatles, Sherlock Holmes, Marconi, Jack the Ripper, and much more. People of all ages will like the hidden treasure incorporated in the mystery.

Congratulations, once again, Mr. Reading!

Sandra Olshaski's disclaimer: Thanks to the author for sending me this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

About the Author:

Iain Reading is passionate about Root Beer, music, and writing. He is Canadian, but currently lives in the Netherlands working for the United Nations.

Ian is the author of the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series, The Wizards of Water and the dragon of the month club. To learn more, go to his Amazon page.

Connect with Iain on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.

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  1. You've convinced me that this is a great YA series. I should introduce these books to my son.


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