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Whisk Bliss - Universal Cooking Base (Product Review)

Whisk Bliss - Universal Cooking Base
Company: Shirley J
Recipe made with this product:

Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

Whisk Bliss is a universal cooking base that can be used whenever you need a quick sauce or creamy soup base. I was sent a 2 oz package to use for my review of this product. Out of the three easy recipes found on the back of the package I chose to make the Broccoli and Cheese Soup. It contains only 3 ingredients: the Whisk Bliss powder, cooked broccoli florets (from frozen or fresh) and cheddar cheese. I decided to use fresh broccoli and old cheddar cheese, since it's a favorite in our house. It took me 15 minutes to whip up this soup that looks and tastes like I spent a whole lot more time making it.

It was delicious! I kid-tested it, of course, and my kids also loved it. This is remarkable because my kids are not crazy about broccoli. But the creamy and cheesy taste won them over quickly. The 2 oz package serves 2 adult portions, or in our case, 1 adult and 2 kid-sized portions. This is a quick, delicious and versatile product as it claims on its package, but I question if it's as healthy as it also claims to be.

The product has 0 trans fat, 0 saturated fats and no hydrogenated oils or MSG. The product is also available gluten-free. So far so good. However, it does contain 680 mg of sodium per ounce of product or per 1 cup of prepared product. So my portion of soup would have contained that plus whatever is in the cheese. When I looked at the sodium content for the gluten-free Whisk Bliss it was 790 mg per cup of prepared product! According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation a healthy sodium intake from canned soups is 480 mg or less.

This product is currently only available in the United States. I called Customer Service and had a friendly conversation with the rep who told me that Canadian customers can order by phone, but would pay more for shipping. Here are the shipping prices:

Order                    Shipping to United States      Shipping to Canada
$0 to $25                          $6.50                              $16.50
$25 to $50                        $10.00                            $20.00
$50 or more                        Free                              $10.00

So for Canadians the best option is to order $50 or more of products to pay the least expensive amount of the shipping cost.

If you're looking for a versatile product to make quick sauces and creamy soups, Whisk Bliss is delicious and easy to use. If you're watching your sodium intake, however, you may want to limit the use of this product.

For more information on this product and the many ways it can be used, visit the Shirley J website.

Reviewed by Laura and kids

Disclosure: Thanks to Shirley J and MediaGuest for sending me this product for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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