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Mailbox Monday and It's Monday, what Are You Reading? for August 6

So we're back from vacation, but still in vacation mode. My kids spend loads of time at the pool, especially since my daughter is preparing for her synchronized swimming competitions coming up. And well...I supervise while reading a good book...

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia who now blogs at Mailbox Monday. It is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week. 5 Minutes for Books will be hosting for the month of August. You can also view the touring blog list here for the upcoming months.

This is what came in the last two weeks:

A Place Beyond Courage by Elizabeth Chadwick (for review)

The early twelfth century is a time for ambitious men to prosper, and royal servant John FitzGilbert Marshal is one of them. Raised high as the kin of the deceased King Henry battle each other for England's throne, John reaps rich rewards but pays a terrible price for the choices he makes-as does his family.

His wife, fragile, naive Aline is hopelessly ill-equipped to cope with the demands of a life lived on the edge and, when John is seriously injured in battle, her worst nightmare is realized. And sometimes keeping your honour means breaking your word ...

Sea Change by Karen White (for review)
For Ava Whalen, a new marriage and a move to St. Simons Island means a new beginning. But what she doesn’t realize is that her marriage will take her on an unexpected journey into the deep recesses of her past that will transform her forever…

For as long as she can remember, Ava Whalen has struggled with a sense of not belonging, and now, at thirty-four, she still feels stymied by her family. Then she meets child psychologist Matthew Frazier, and thinks her days of loneliness are behind her. After a whirlwind romance, they impulsively elope, and Ava moves to Matthew’s ancestral home on St. Simons Island off the coast of Georgia.

But after the initial excitement, Ava is surprised to discover that true happiness continues to elude her. There is much she doesn’t know about Matthew, including the mysterious circumstances surrounding his first wife’s death. And her new home seems to hold as many mysteries and secrets as her new husband. Feeling adrift, Ava throws herself into uncovering Matthew’s family history and that of the island, not realizing that she has a connection of her own to this place—or that her obsession with the past could very well destroy her future.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein (from NetGalley)

A compelling, emotionally rich story with universal themes of friendship and loyalty, heroism and bravery.

Two young women from totally different backgrounds are thrown together during World War II: one a working-class girl from Manchester, the other a Scottish aristocrat, one a pilot, the other a wireless operator. Yet whenever their paths cross, they complement each other perfectly and before long become devoted friends. But then a vital mission goes wrong, and one of the friends has to bail out of a faulty plane over France. She is captured by the Gestapo and becomes a prisoner of war. The story begins in "Verity's" own words, as she writes her account for her captors.

Songbird Under a German Moon by Tricia Goyer (win from BookJourney - Thanks, Sheila!)

The year is 1945. The war is over, and 21-year-old Betty Lake has been invited to Europe to sing in a USO tour for American soldiers who now occupy Hitler's Germany. The first night's performance is a hit. Betty becomes enthralled with the applause, the former Nazi-held mansion they're housed in, and the attention of Frank Witt, the U.S. Army Signal Corps Photographer. Yet the next night this songbird is ready to fly the coop when her dear friend, Kat, turns up missing. Betty soon realizes Frank's photographs could be the key to finding Kat. Betty and Frank team up against post-war Nazi influences and the two lovebirds' hearts may find the each other. But will they have a chance for their romance to sing? The truth will be revealed under a German moon.

This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. This is where we keep track of what we are currently reading and plan to read.

Read and reviewed:
Chasing Mona Lisa by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey (not as good as I'd hoped)
Wild Ink by Victoria Hanley (great resource for new writers)
You Asked? from Editors of chickaDEE and OWL Magazine (fantastic book for middle-graders)

Currently Reading:
Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren

Have any of you read these books?

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