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Relentless Solution Focus by Dr. Jason Selk and Dr. Ellen Reed (Book Review)

If you are motivated to make changes in the way you think so that you can clarify and achieve your goals as you strengthen your mind, this book can certainly help you with this.

Book Details:

Book Title: Relentless Solution Focus by Dr. Jason Selk and Dr. Ellen Reed
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 256 pages
Genre: Psychology, Self-help
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Release dates: January 7, 2021
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

From bestselling author and mental toughness expert Jason Selk comes a mind-training regimen for reframing every problem into an opportunity for productive action.

The most common cause of failing to reach our professional and personal goals is hardwired in us: Humans instinctively focus on problems. Over millennia, our very survival relied on our ability to be alert to any potential dangers that could threaten our existence. But today this negativity bias significantly limits our potential and increases stress, pressure, and underperformance.

The one characteristic all phenomenally successful people share is mental toughness. Mentally tough people are better at making decisions more quickly and with better results. They possess the uncanny ability to control what goes on between their ears. Instead of allowing their minds to focus on their problems when adversity strikes, the most successful people have learned to direct their thoughts in a systematic manner that produces positive emotions and productive actions: they have a Relentless Solution Focus.

In this book, top performance coach Dr. Jason Selk, former Director of Mental Training for the World Series champions St. Louis Cardinals, and his colleague Dr. Ellen Reed provide the insight, tools, and proven step-by-step framework for you to do the same. When you have Relentless Solution Focus, you think better. Your decisions garner positive results. You take action and follow through, every time. And when you do get off track, you get back on with less effort and less drama. Weakness shrinks and strength grows, creating confidence and momentum, taking you and your team to higher levels of performance and achievement.

My Review:
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

I'm a firm believer in the branch of positive psychology and neuroplasticity. I haven't read any of Dr. Selk's previous books but I was curious about his latest release. Relentless Solution Focus (RSF) is his three-step process to developing mental strength. In a nutshell, it trains you to 1) Recognize when negative thinking sets in, 2) Replace negative thinking with positive thoughts, and 3) Retrain your mind to be more solution-focused and positive. 

I've read enough books on the subject to know that this is nothing new, however, this book is easy to read and is infused with the authors' own experiences working with elite athletes and business leaders. Therefore, it is very much performance-based and perfect for the target audience of those in competitive environments.

I am the type of person that I love to learn the same subject from different perspectives, and I did enjoy very much the method outlined in this book with the anecdotes that gave me a fresh perspective on my own way of doing things. Furthermore, the keyword is relentless. In other words, consistency in retraining your mind and using your new skill set. This is the growth mindset, striving to improve oneself continuously. I paid particular attention to the section on prioritizing and perfectionist mentality because I know I need to work on these on a regular basis. I realized I need to focus on less so that I can achieve more of what is important to me. I've just got too much going on in my life. 

If you are motivated to make changes in the way you think so that you can clarify and achieve your goals as you strengthen your mind, this book can certainly help you with this. Written in the first-person, the author coaches you along in an easy-going manner, making this a pleasure to read as well. A good resource for all readers with an eagerness for improvement.

Disclosure: Thanks to TLC Book Tours for providing this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

About Dr. Jason Selk

Dr. Jason Selk, one of the nation’s premier performance coaches, has worked with business titans and superstar athletes. As Director of Mental Training for the St. Louis Cardinals, he played an important role in the team’s first World Series victory in over 20 years, in 2006, and their second in 2011. He is the bestselling author of Executive Toughness, 10-Minute Toughness, Organize Tomorrow Today, and Lead Any Team to Win.

Find out more about Dr. Selk on his website, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Dr. Ellen Reed

Dr. Ellen Reed has worked side by side with Dr. Selk for 15 years, and has extensive experience in mental training for consistency, accountability, and execution in business, athletics, academics, and the performing arts. She helps business leaders and elite athletes reach their peak performance by developing the mental toughness necessary for success.

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  1. This sounds like a great resource for those going back to work (or looking for new work) in a post pandemic world right now. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

    1. Yes, I agree. Thanks for the opportunity to read this book for the tour. :-)


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