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Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman (Review and Giveaway!)

This was such a fun fun book with a big message about the messy but beautiful relationship between siblings.

Book Details:

Book Title: Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman
Illustrated by: Tristan Tait
Category: Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7), 40 pages
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher: Mascot Books
Release date: April 2019
Tour dates: Dec 2 to Dec 22, 2020
Content Rating: G for everyone.

Book Description:

When Jordy discovers a magic wand, he learns he can do just that. Whenever he wants some peace and quiet, all he has to do is say “ABRACADABRA WHOOPSIE,” and . . .POOF! His little sister Keeka vanishes. When he’s ready for her to come back, he simply says it reversed: “WHOOPSIE ABRACADABRA.” What could possibly go wrong?

My Review:
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

This was such a fun fun book with a big message about the messy but beautiful relationship between siblings. Jordy has a younger sister named Keeka. She's always getting into his things and he just wishes she could just disappear so she wouldn't be around to wreck his things. One day his wish comes true and Jordy is thrilled, but then something unexpected happens.

Those of us who grew up with brothers and sisters can relate to sibling rivalry. I wished I had had a magic wand when I was a kid so I could make my younger sisters disappear! I was smirking throughout this book because, of course, I understood what Jordy was feeling. And of course, my heart melted when Jordy realized what it meant to have a sister. And I burst out laughing at that brilliant twist at the end! 

The illustrations are cute, colorful, age-appropriate and suited for this book's theme. And they actually made me nostalgic. No iPhones, no iPads, just good-ol' kid toys, such as a yoyo, puzzles, crayons, books, balls, trucks and a big-wheel bike. I remember when I used to read books to my son, he would notice all the little details in the illustrations, so I was happy to see these details in this book.

I simply loved this book! It's perfect for families of young children to learn about sibling rivalry in an entertaining way, without being preachy. The author chose a fresh way to tackle a topic that all families deal with. From the title, to the illustrations and the story itself this book is a winner.

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Meet the Author:

Adam Kargman lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and their two children. He was inspired to write Abracadabra Whoopsie after witnessing the sibling rivalry between his kids, which led him to wonder what would really happen if one sibling's dream to make the other one vanish came true.

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