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Decide to Hope by June A. Converse (Review)

When your world shatters, how do you put it back together?

Book Details

Title: Decide to Hope by June A. Converse
Category, Adult Fiction, 332 pages
Genre: Women's Fiction
Release date: May 11, 2018
Content Rating: PG-13 + M includes f-words, expletives, physical abuse, explicit sex scene

Book Description:

An unimaginable trauma. A future that seems impossible. When your world shatters, how do you put it back together? For 950 days, Kathleen Conners has struggled with that choice. Behind a scarf and sunglasses, she hides from the world, from herself, from The Event, from any future with anyone. After receiving a box of letters from his deceased mother, Matt Nelson is shoved from his predictable, controlled life to a secluded beach in North Carolina. While trying to understand his mother's intent, he discovers Kathleen. Matt must choose whether to follow the path his mother orchestrated or rescue the woman who has captured his heart. When the only person Kathleen blames more than herself reappears, can Matt be the strength Kathleen needs to create a new life, or will he be forced to walk away if she decides the climb is too great?

My Review:
Reviewed by Sandra Olshaski

Matt, a 50-something workaholic receives a series of letters from his now deceased mother. The purpose of the letters is to challenge him to self-examination in order to make his life more meaningful and worthwhile. In a beach setting, he meets a mysterious woman named Kathleen who he refers to initially as Scarf Woman. His immediate reaction to her is "a distinct trickle of cold sweat hit his spine." The reader soon realizes that Kathleen is deeply disturbed. There are hints of a dark, sad past from which she gets temporary relief by immersing herself in books. "Stories say things we often can't. They give us a chance to explore emotions we aren't supposed to admit."

The novel carries an intriguing, creative, if somewhat unrealistic plot as far as the timeframe of the story is concerned. It is a slow-building mystery with ominous overtones. HOWEVER, the reader should be advised that it is riddled with f-bombs, other expletives and explicit sexual situations that in no way enhance the story. 

Be prepared for a very intense, gripping read that is also relieved by hope.

Sandra Olshaski's disclosure: Thanks to Rachel from Rachel's Random Resources for sending me this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.
About the Author|:

June happily resides in Sandy Springs, Georgia, with her husband, Dave, and their dog, Sodapop. They have two wonderful adult children and two grandchildren. She is an enthusiastic exerciser and an accomplished cook. She and her husband enjoy hiking, with Sodapop, traveling, scuba diving, trying new restaurants, concerts, and whatever other adventures they can find. Reading and a constant desire to learn keeps her busy too. A trauma survivor who struggles with mental illness, June is continuously reaching for hope like the characters in her books. She openly discusses her personal struggles on her blog, Decide to Hope is her first novel and relies a great deal on her own experience with trauma, choices, recovery and hope. If you'd like to discuss trauma, coping and recovery, contact her at or

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