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Children's Books: Comical Introduction to Numbers, Days of the Week and...Fruit

Book Details:

Order! Order! by Nigel Tetley
Illustrated by: Simon Goodway
Published: Jan 11, 2018
Published by Matador (imprint of Troubador)
Softcover picture book: 54 pages
For children ages 2-5
Content rating: G

Book Description:

Teaches a key mathematical theme for Early Years Numeracy through both imaginative and entertaining text and pictures. Not a typical Maths book – engaging for children up to 5 years. Ideal for teachers and parents to read with children.

The book features four variations on the mathematical theme of sequence, which together introduce young readers to the first ten ordinal numbers, the first five cardinal numbers and the seven days of the week. Imaginative and with funny texts, this brilliantly illustrated book will educate young children without them even realising it.

From the Great Penguin Race; a week of Animal Antics; to the tragedy of Little Lucy Ladybird, and finally, the ingenuity of an original action finger rhyme, children will be both enthralled and informed by these well told stories.

My Review:
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

I've now read several books by Nigel Tetley who makes use of humour, rhyme and the animal kingdom to teach valuable lessons without sounding preachy. Instead, I've found all of Tetley's books fun and creative, including Order!Order!

In this chapter book, the author tackles numerical sequence, such as first, second, third, with the help of ten penguins in a race. In the second chapter, we learn the days of the week through the funny antics of animals with names such as Greedy Gertie Goat or Silly Sally Snake. In the third chapter, it's back to numerical sequence with rhyming storytelling, and finally, we have a cute rhyme about handy fingers. I love the play on words.

Order! Order! is an intelligent book that is for young children, yet uses a vast vocabulary of words. It's educational, fun, creative and includes pastel-colored illustrations that are simple and age-appropriate. This book is ideal in the classroom setting or the home library.

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About the Author:

Since qualifying as a Religious Studies teacher in 1989, Nigel Tetley has worked in a variety of schools, spanning middle and secondary age groups in both the State and independent sectors. At the beginning of his teaching career, he also spent a year in Greece teaching English as a second language. In 2001, he started writing children's poetry at the suggestion of a colleague. Since then he has also written the texts for three carols: 'Alchemy,' 'Snow,' and 'The Way of Paradox.' (Encore Publications, 2006.)

Book Details:

Nothing Rhymes With Orange by Adam Rex
Published: Aug 1, 2017
Published by Chronicle Books
Hardcover picture book: 48 pages
For children ages 4-8
Content rating: G

Book Description:

A perfect laugh-out-loud, read-aloud from New York Times bestselling author Adam Rex!

We all know nothing rhymes with orange, but how does that make Orange feel? Well, left out, obviously!

When a fruit parade gets together to sing a song about how wonderful they are—and the song happens to rhyme—Orange can’t help but feel like it’s impossible to ever fit in. But when one particularly intuitive Apple notices how Orange is feeling, the entire English language begins to become a bit more inclusive.

Beloved author-illustrator Adam Rex has created a hilarious yet poignant parable about feeling left out, celebrating difference, and the irrefutable fact that nothing rhymes with orange.

My Review:
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

This is the second children's book I've read by Adam Rex and once again it stands out! This rhyming book celebrates fruit and how good they are. Orange appears in every page corner with a little comment, wanting to be a part of all the fun that the other fruits are having. He's feeling left out and is visibly upset until the popular apple notices.

I thought this book was vibrant, colorful, and unique. It's funny for kids but hilarious for adults. The orange's comments are smart. They just cracked me up. Although he was left out until the end, he really is the star of the book. The illustrations are made with pics of real fruit that have faces drawn on them with a black marker. I loved it! If my kids were still young I would have taken fruit and drawn faces on them and paraded the fruit while reading the book.

Children not only get to learn different fruit, like quince and honeydew, but they also get to learn about different emotions and feelings. The faces drawn on the orange and the other fruit display sadness, disappointment, exasperation, anger, happiness, and more. The text can also be turned into a song. Some pages are bursting with color and some are on a stark white background that really made the fruit stand out.

This book will appeal to children of all ages and lovers of fruit, especially oranges! Great for kids 3 to 100. This book is a winner.

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About the Author and Illustrator:

Adam Rex has written several books for young readers including the New York Times–bestselling Frankenstein makes a Sandwich and The True Meaning of Smekday. His picture book School's First Day of School earned seven starred reviews and was a New York Times Bestseller. He lives now with his wife and son in Tucson.

Adam Rex's celebrated picture book Nothing Rhymes With Orange came about in an unusual way. In this video, Adam explains his top tips for getting a picture book published with a delicious end. Funny!

Disclosure: Thanks to the authors and publicists for sending me these book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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