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A Penny Lost by Aspen Bassett (Review and Giveaway!)

A Penny Lost is entertaining, memorable and fun for lovers of time travel fantasy novels. I loved this YA book and cannot wait for the sequel! Scroll down to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy and an Amazon GC.

Book Details:

Book Title: A Penny Lost by Aspen Bassett
Category: YA Fiction, 232 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Release date: Jan 13, 2018
Tour dates: April 23 to May 4, 2018
Content Rating: PG (There's a kiss and some mild violence)

Book Description:

Penelope Grace, usually forgotten under the shadow of her twin sister's perfection, tries her hardest to hide her freakish ability to see into anyone's soul.

Until she senses an unusual energy like a human-shaped void in the universe. When Penny investigates the source, she gets tossed through a crack in time along with the cute boy next door. The Void follows them through history, increasing the dangers as if testing Penny. But what is it testing for? And why does it claim to know her better than even she knows herself? Even as Penny searches for answers, she must fight to survive the tragedies of both the past and future in order to get back home.

My Review:
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

A Penny Lost gripped me from the first chapter and took me on a wonderful time travel adventure until the last chapter where I groaned at the huge cliffhanger ending! And oh, what a twist! I sure hope *ahem* that the second book is in its publication stages because I so want to continue this adventure with Penelope Grace and Stranger, the boy next door.

Penny can see auras in the form of colours. This makes her different from everyone else, almost freakish, and so she keeps this special ability to herself. When she and her twin sister are pulled by a strange black energy into a neighborhood house, they meet a teen boy in need of help and discover the portal to another time. Penny and this boy are pulled into this void and transported back in time. From this moment on, the action and suspense doesn't stop. The teen boy has lost all memory, including his name so he is dubbed Stranger. He and Penny work together to figure everything out and try to get back home.

Bassett does a great job of building both Penny and Stranger's characters as they are thrown into a time-traveling adventure with the dangerous unusual energy void in the universe. The mystery of what this human-like dark void wants keeps the suspense high. Penny and Stranger keep questioning what their purpose is in all of this. I enjoyed not only the different times in history they visited but also their growing friendship. Both experience moments of self-doubt, mistrust and weaknesses, but they also discover their strengths both as individuals and as a team.

It was so refreshing to read a YA novel without insta-love. Instead, Penny and Stranger learn to trust and work with each other as they are thrown together in impossible situations. I read this novel in 24 hours, invested as I was in how Penny and Stranger would deal with their predicaments. I loved their interactions, the slow build of their friendship and their realistic reactions to situations even if this was urban fantasy.

Although the whole void energy was difficult to understand, it was fascinating and mesmerising. I enjoyed the plot, the characters and the pacing. This was entertaining, memorable and fun for lovers of time travel fantasy novels.  I loved reading this book and it's made it on my list of Best Reads for 2018!

To read reviews, please visit Aspen Bassett's page on iRead Book Tours.

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Meet the Author:

Aspen Bassett works at a library, telling stories and suggesting books. When she's not working, she's usually sipping hot cocoa and wondering what would happen if she had superpowers. She's been published in multiple anthologies including Oomph: A Little Super Goes a Long Way and Inaccurate Realities.

Aspen grew up learning about chakras and auras and the true power of imagination which slips into her writing whether she intends it to or not. In college, when she wasn't busy working on her degree in Creative Writing, Aspen also got her certificate in Women's Meditation (basically general energy work). Now, she's working toward a diploma in Integrated Healing Arts with a certificate in Hypnotherapy.

Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

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  1. I enjoyed getting to know your book; congrats on the tour, I hope it is a fun one for you, and thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. I love the unique and colorful cover! Sounds like a great read!

  3. I appreciate the book description, review and the great giveaway as well. Love the tours, I get to find books and share with my sisters the ones I know they would enjoy reading and they both love to read. Thank you!

    1. James, thanks for being a regular visitor of my blog. I'm thrilled you like the tours and are discovering new reads for you and your sisters.

  4. You've got me curious and yay no love triangle! A killer cliffhanger though..that is brutal!

    1. I was like, "Noooo!" Book 2 can't come out soon enough.

  5. Thanks for this giveaway which sounds fascinating and captivating. A very creative and talented author.

  6. Ohh I love time travel! There is not enough of it :)

  7. I am honored to receive a review like that! Thank you so much. Your honest opinion means the world to me. I look forward to hearing your opinion of my sequel, The Me in Memory, when it comes out.
    -Aspen Bassett

    1. I can't wait to read the sequel! Thanks for stopping by, Aspen. :-)

  8. Sounds like a good book. Thank you!

  9. I would love to read this book! Time travel is one of my favorite topics.


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