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Cathadeus by Jeff J. Peters (Review & Giveaway!)

What a stunning cover this book has. It also suits this classic fantasy tale that is impressive as the debut work of Jeff J. Peters. Read my review and enter to win a hardcover copy plus either a $25 or $15 Amazon gift card!

Book Details:

Book Title: Cathadeus (Book One of the Walking Gates)
Author: Jeff J. Peters
Category: YA Fiction, 344 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Release date: Dec 8, 2017
Tour dates: Jan 15 to Feb 2, 2018
Content Rating: PG-13 (fighting scenes)

Book Description:

It has been six hundred years since the Alchemists fused together men and beasts to form strong, mindless slaves. Now, their most vicious creations have attacked the mystical Walking Gates, slaughtering their Keepers and isolating their cities. Wounded in the brutal attack, Braxton Prinn’s mother is on the verge of death and he makes a desperate journey to find the reclusive elven master who can save her. But when he discovers an ancient magic, Brax is caught up in an even greater struggle and soon finds himself hunted for his power. Drawn into the chaos of an impending war and pursued by enemies on all sides, Brax must fight to save his mother and her race from slipping into darkness. Though his untamed magic may be the greatest threat of all . . .

What Readers are Saying about Cathadeus:

“Jeff J. Peters’ strong cinematic writing style allowed me to easily visualize the story and feel that I was right there alongside the characters.”
- Alison W.

“Jeff J. Peters’ writing is so smooth and easy to read – I can’t tell you how much of a pleasure it was…and how quickly you end up being drawn into the story because of it.”
- Amanda R.

“Cathadeus is the best kind of fantasy story - you get to learn along with a flawed main character while you get lost in a richly designed world. You can’t help but keep reading. A cleanly written pairing of characters you wish you could spend more time with and an enthralling world built around them. Cathadeus is the kind of story that plays perfectly off of your imagination, with characters grounded in reality to make it feel like you could really be there.”
- Ryan N.

“Jeff J. Peters definitely has storytelling skills...The story stayed on my mind when I wasn’t reading it. Young readers will be drawn in this imaginative story, while they relate to Braxton’s struggles with temper, insecurity, and young love. Cathadeus is dramatic, with an anxious tone—at times bleak, as the story keeps you wondering until the final battle if good will prevail.”
- Elizabeth C.

My Review:
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

Cathadeus is a well-written epic fantasy tale that will appeal to lovers of classic fantasy. I was impressed that this is Jeff J. Peter's debut novel!

At the core of the story we have Braxton Prinn, a young man who discovers he has inherited the spirit magic through the Unicorn Blade that allows him to fight the evil that threatens to destroy his family and the beloved elven kingdom to which his mother belongs. He sets out on a mission to save his mother and gets caught up in an age-old battle that tests his courage, temper and the untamed magic within him.

Peter's talented penmanship creates a world of dwarves, elves, ogres and other magical creatures, along with their kingdoms. Truly, there is some fantastic world-building through a narrative rich with sensory details. The vivid descriptions bring both the fantasy world and the distinct characters to life. I especially loved the elven kingdom, from their forest homes to their bright attire, joyous and wise manner and their energizing delicious food.

Braxton was a very relatable young man as he experiences a vast array of emotions throughtout the story. He begins with uncertainly and self-doubt and slowly builds his confidence through his spirit magic and the training he receives. I loved his relationship with his mother and having a teen son myself, I was touched by the various scenes between them. Phinlera, Braxton's love interest is a courageous and feisty girl who he's known since childhood. She has a positive energy and is always ready to be by Braxton's side, fighting alongside him. It took awhile for me to feel like I knew her and I felt she was underdeveloped as a character.

Two of my favorite characters were Ruskin, the grumpy but strong dwarf (what a character! at times he had me in stitches) and Schotek, the ogre. I'm happy to know the next book focuses on Schotek, and I look forward to getting to know what happened to him. The novel is full of action and adventure, even as there are beautiful moments of introspection and wise words exchanged during the character interactions. There are a lot of battle scenes in the book, and just when one thinks it can't get worse, it does. War rages and the book is sobering in how it portrays the losses. There is much violence although I did not find it too gory.

If you are looking to savor an epic fantasy tale with a classic feel to it, Cathadeus will introduce you to the talented work of Jeff J. Peters, an author to watch for if you are a fan of the genre.

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Meet the Author:

JEFF J. PETERS was born in South Africa and immigrated to the United States as a teenager, where he fell in love with all things fantasy. He obtained degrees in digital electronics and computer science and worked as an IT professional for more than twenty years. In 2014, he left his corporate position to focus full-time on writing. Cathadeus is his debut novel. He is currently working on the sequel.

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