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Squash Boom Beet: An Alphabet for Healthy, Adventurous Eaters by Lisa Maxbauer Price

As soon as I held this book in my hands, I was struck by its vivid book cover. It is vibrant and colorful and portays the beauty of vegetables.

Book Details:

Book Title: Squash Boom Beet: An Alphabet for Healthy, Adventurous Eaters
Written and photographed by: Lisa Maxbauer Price
Category: Children's Non-Fiction,  56 pages
Genre: Food
Publisher: Blue Bay Books
Release date: June 15, 2016
Content Rating: G
Hardcover edition

Book Description:

"Stomp your feet. Squash the ground. It's time to explore all around. March to the garden. Listen to the beat. Get ready to find something wild to eat!"

Tasting new vegetables can be an exciting adventure, especially when trying foods like dragon tongue beans, dinosaur kale, fairy tale eggplant and candy cane beets. Journey from A to Z in this award-winning book and enjoy beautiful photography of exciting farm foods-everything from awesome Asparagus to green tiger Zucchini! This is the book parents have been waiting for. Kids will want to be brave eaters if it means trying these fun veggies.
  • hardcover children's book
  • 56 pages of full-color photography of fun foods
  • 50+ Midwest farms and gardens featured
  • printed in the USA at a sustainable printer
  • printed using environmentally friendly soy-oil inks
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Our Review:
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani & Son

As soon as I held this book in my hands, I was struck by its vivid book cover. It is vibrant and colorful and portays the beauty of vegetables. Perfect for kids, because if my picky-eater son taught me anything about food it's that kids like veggies raw and not cooked! No wonder, look how attractive they look when raw. And that's what this book does. Using the alphabet and photography, author Lisa Maxbauer Price introduces young children to the bounty of rainbow-colored vegetable found in a garden.

Growing up, we had a vegetable and herb garden in our backyards, so I was used to handpicking tomatoes, string beans, cucumber, lettuce, swiss chard, parsley and other foods from the garden. So I loved that this book celebrates farm food in all its beautiful glory. Unfortunately, in some cities, kids grow up on fast food and have no idea what some veggies look like. With new research correlating food with illness, and whole foods, especially raw veggies, with healing, this book comes at the right time. We need to go back to eating foods as they were created rather than in the processed forms into which they come packaged.

My son read the book with me and said he loved the layout and the pictures. He said they made him want to eat veggies and try some of the new foods. The rhyming text describes something unique about each vegetable featured in the book and it's sure to grab a kid's attention, because I know it grabbed my son's attention. For example:

Slice through cabbage and it looks like brain.
Robots don't have one, so they can't explain.

For a snack, keep a flowering chive stem handy.
Plus, fennel tastes like black licorice candy.

We learned new things reading this book, and realized there are some veggies we've never tried, like the purple tater plants. This is truly a fun book that can teach children about how wonderful farm food is. Parents can then visit the farmer's market and see how many of the foods their child can recognize. Building excitement about food is the first step to making them try new foods and for teaching the lifelong habit of choosing good food to eat. Because I was introduced to a variety of vegetables as a child, I learned to eat a variety of them, and I'm grateful for that. I'm trying to do the same for my kids. Books like Squash Boom Beet is a good reminder for parents to teach their children about the bounty of food available for us.

This is an excellent book to add to your home or school library. It can be used in science class when learning about how foods grow (bulb versus leafy plant) etc. and for teaching good eating habits. This is a fun, educational and resourceful children's book.

Disclosure: Thanks to the publicist for sending us this book for review. We were not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

About the Author:

Nutrition journalist Lisa Maxbauer Price is the author and photographer behind the bookSquash Boom Beet. She spent 10 years in New York City working as a magazine editor before moving to the Midwest. She currently contributes to multiple national publications, writing on health, nutrition and parenting. She is a contributor at First for Women magazine and has blogged for The New York Times. She currently lives in Northern Michigan with her husband and three sons.

Visit Lisa online:  Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  Instagram

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