Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My One Word for 2017: Wellness

Every year around this time, I get to read the "one word" that bloggers have chosen to focus on for the upcoming year, and it helps me to get to know my fellow book bloggers better. Sheila from BookJourney, who is a tour de force for blogger community involvement, is once again encouraging this fun and mindful posting.

When I look back on 2016, I realize it was a tough year for me physically and emotionally as I've had to deal with one health issue after another. It was non-stop. I have always preferred alternative therapies to traditional ones and this was reinforced after I tried a medication suggested by my doctor that gave me such bad side effects that I vowed never to go that route again.

So, although I've never participated in choosing "one word" for the year, I just couldn't stop thinking about it after I read Sheila's post. It was touching and inspiring. When I thought of what my one word would be "wellness" popped into my head and stayed there. Yes, I want to be well in 2017.

Wellness means more than being healthy. I want to be well mentally, spiritually and physically because that's what makes me whole. I have set in my mind what this means for me:

  • eating well and drinking more water
  • exercising regularly
  • getting enough sleep
  • reading my Bible daily
  • being grateful
  • focusing on the positive side of things
  • taking two restful vacations a year

I'm already very hopeful that this year will be a better year because of the awareness I bring into it. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I've already started to plan out how to best implement wellness in my life and I'm feeling better because of it. That is the first step. You will also notice more books will be featured on this blog that focus on wellness. 

So have you thought of your "one word" for 2017? Like Sheila says, a word…can be a powerful thing.

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  1. Awesome word! I can relate to the situation you had with the medication and side effects. I had a similar one this year. One wrong move like that can turn our lives upside down for a while.

    Good luck with your new journey, and thanks for visiting mine.

    1. Ah, so you can sympathize! I hope you are better. It took me a long time to get the meds out of my system.

  2. Laura, I hope for you wellness in 2017. Like you, 2016 has been anything but ideal, and I'm still struggling to recover from my fall. Yet, as the new year lies ahead, I'm hoping for healing to continue. Don't know my one word yet, but have chosen one each of the last few years. Watch out for those meds! Merry Christmas!

    1. I'm glad you are healing Sherrey. I know 2016 has not been easy for you. Let's work to stay healthy in 2017!

  3. Wellness is a great word and I hope that is a great guide for you in 2017

    1. Thanks Serena. Just thinking about that word makes me plan things differently, in a better way.

  4. Selecting a word to focus on each year is very powerful. I'm sure you will have much success focusing on wellness. It is a great word! Happy New year Laura.


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