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Tinky, the Sweet Dog Series: Children's Books by Susan Spira

Tinky's Magic Cookies by Susan Spira, illustrated by Julie Leiman Weaver
ISBN: 978-0988238534
Published Nov 8, 2012
Softcover, 36 pages
Ages: 3-6

My son and I liked the story of a sweet Shih tzu dog named Tinky that went for a walk and shared her "magical" cookies with the new friends she met along the way. Each of the friends had a dilemma. Tinky offered them a cookie and said the magic words and helped her new friends gain confidence.

My son and I liked Tinky's message to her friends: "Sometimes when you are scared or feeling blue, you forget what's inside of you. You forget to believe in 'you' and that is the magic that pulls us through. The cookies are just cookies. The magic is YOU."

This was a cute story with a positive message about believing in yourself.  Tinky represents the kind of friend that gives us a boost when we are discouraged. Young children who love dogs will be delighted with this story.

Tinky and the Dragon by Susan Spira, illustrated by Julie Leiman Weaver
ISBN: 978-0988238565
Published Nov 8, 2012
Softcover, 26 pages
Ages: 3-6

Tinky, the sweet Shih Tzu dog is picking flowers when a passing truck drops a suitcase and its contents spill onto the grass. Among them is a sweet-smelling scarf and a snow globe with a lone castle inside. When Tinky puts on the scarf and touches the globe she is instantly sucked inside the globe where she ends up saving a dragon.

I think this was the favorite of the three books for my son and me. It was a little mysterious and suspenseful. The story emphasized being kind and having a loving heart. Once again it was sweet and cute but also adventurous. Young children who like dragons will enjoy being transported into a magical world.

Tinky and the Baby Butterflies by Susan Spira, illustrated by Julie Leiman Weaver
ISBN: 978-0988238558
Published Nov 8, 2012
Softcover, 28 pages
Ages: 3-6

Tinky, the sweet Shih Tzu dog is called upon to babysit two baby butterflies. The mother butterfly warns the babies to be good butterflies while she is gone, and Tinky is told they must not leave the house. After she leaves, the babies suggest playing hide and seek with Tinky. They end up flying out through an open window while playing. Tinky knows this is an emergency situation and must hurry to find them.

Once again, Tinky embarks on a magical adventure as she searches for the baby butterflies. My son found this story to be the most predictable, although for much younger kids it wouldn't be so. I could see how this story could be used to teach a lesson in the dangers of straying far from home, but instead it was only viewed as a fun game. Tinky hid what happened from the mother butterfly because the babies asked her not "to tell Mommy we were bad butterflies". There was not any explanation of how dangerous flying off could be for the baby butterflies without the protection of their mom. Part of me felt that this story gave the wrong message to young ones: It's okay to disobey your parent and get away with it.

Apart from this, this is another cute story about one of Tinky's adventures. Children who love butterflies will be delighted with it.

Note: These books is rated C = clean read.

Reviewed by Laura & Son

Disclosure: Thanks to the author for sending us these books for review. We were not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review these products.

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