Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mailbox Monday and It's Monday, What Are You Reading? May 13 Edition

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia who now blogs at To Be Continued. It is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week. Abi at 4 the Love of Books is hosting for the month of May. You can also view the touring blog list here for the upcoming months.

Current Giveaways:

Mira's Diary: Home Sweet Rome by Marissa Moss (Ends May 20)
The Happiness Handbook by Jenn Flaa (Ends May 21)

Review Books:

However Long the Night by Aimee Molloy

In However Long the Night, Aimee Molloy tells the unlikely and inspiring story of Molly Melching, an American woman whose experience as an exchange student in Senegal led her to found Tostan and dedicate almost four decades of her life to the girls and women of Africa.

This moving biography details Melching's beginnings at the University of Dakar and follows her journey of 40 years in Africa, where she became a social entrepreneur and one of humanity's strongest voices for the rights of girls and women.

Inspirational and beautifully written, However Long the Night: Molly Melching's Journey to Help Millions of African Women and Girls Triumph is a passionate entreaty for all global citizens. This book is published in partnership with the Skoll Foundation, dedicated to accelerating innovations from organizations like Tostan that address the world's most pressing problems.

Life is Full of Sweet Spots: An Exploration of Joy by Mary O'Connor

Explore and connect with the niches and nuances of the earth, the sea and sky, our bodies, minds and souls—the places where joy resides. Come away with new understanding of life and how its beauty and powers make us inwardly hum, how gardening or stargazing, touching something wild, listening to the sounds of silence, learning and loving, just simply being, all feed our emotional wellness and craving for joy.

• Meet and read the personal reflections of over 40 artists and individuals from 20 states, Canada and Australia who share the ways and places in which they found fulfillment or simple contentment in life.

• Find nuggets of insight, supportive research and notable quotes that will help illuminate your own sweet spots of life.

• Stretch your mind and nurture your creativity through more than 150 listings and links to actual places, activities and resources for turning the discovery of joy into an everyday affair.

This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. This is where we keep track of what we are currently reading and plan to read.  The kidlit version is hosted by Jen at Teach Mentor Texts.

Read and reviewed:
The Journey by John A. Heldt (good time travel story)
While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax (audiobook review of fun story)
Nalah and the Pink Tiger by Anne Sawyer-Aitch (gorgeous illustrations!)

Currently Reading:
The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen
True (...Sort of) by Katherine Hannigan (with my son)
Namesake by Sue MacLeod (with my daughter)

Hope you all have a great reading week!

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