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A Gentleman's Daughter: Her Choice by Reina M. Williams

A Gentleman’s Daughter: Her Choice by Reina M. Williams
ISBN: 978-1468050301
Published: December 2011
Paperback, 316 pages

This Regency novel opens with the bossy mother of the main character, Cecilia, saying “you are in need of a husband!” The rest of the story, in this third-person narrative, is about just that, how to find a husband for Cecilia and who will be “her choice”.

Cecilia is an 18-year-old woman who must choose a husband from the three men she knows and/or meets in the course of her round of country house parties, London balls, reading, and wandering around her father’s estate; Mr. Cateret, an old friend from childhood; the mysterious Mr. Thornhill; or dashing Mr. Mainmount. Cecilia’s reaction to Mr. Thornhill is “her limbs tingled when he smiled, his deep eyes sparkling, as she remembered, calm yet dangerous as a treacherous stretch of the river where the colors called her to wade further into their shimmering depths only to pull her under.” There is rivalry for Cecilia’s hand between these three men, of course, two of whom are disreputable and indiscreet, while the third is an honorable man. So who will she end up with?

There is a mystery at the heart of the story as new people and events are introduced suddenly and we are curious to see how they figure into Cecilia’s story, but all is resolved and true love is found.

I enjoyed the charming banter between Cecilia and the young men trying to woo her, again very much "a la Jane Austen". I didn’t particularly like Cecilia…..too silly and indecisive for my taste, but the author redeemed herself by her description of the clothing as well as the interior of the houses of the time. She excels at describing the attitudes, particularly toward marriage, for example “...her mother, however, would probably press her to forget other suitors if she came across a wealthy peer, no matter how unlikeable he may be.”

The book is written in a very elegant, feminine style. It is obvious that the author enjoys the Regency era and writes with an authentic voice. It will appeal to readers of historical fiction and/or Regency novels.

This book is rated C = clean read.

Reviewed by Sandra

Disclosure: Thanks to Reina M. Williams, the author, for sending me this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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