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7 Money Rules for Life by Mary Hunt

7 Money Rules for Life: How to Take Control of your Financial Future by Mary Hunt
ISBN: 978-0800721121
Published Jan 2, 2012
Hardcover, 208 pages

I never thought I would say this, but I actually loved reading this book. A book about finances, of all things! I don't even like discussing finances and money matters and I'm not that financial savvy....but that's why I liked this book so much. Reading it made me feel like I had just found a wonderful, honest friend who sat down to have coffee with me and began to explain in lay terms how to apply seven simple but effective money rules for successful management of my money and future.

This book is so far from being a dry account of how to take care of your money. It's written by Mary Hunt, a warm, engaging person who is also a wife and mother who had once been financially ignorant and in so much debt. Mary shares her story of financial disaster. That alone made me realize this author knows what she's talking about. But is her advice good? That was my next question. As I continued reading I realized that Hunt's advice was the best. Why? Because it was based on Bible principles. Now it's not like she's quoting scriptures or getting preachy, but I know my Bible well enough that I knew what she was talking about. Hunt is a Christian and her faith in God is evident.

Now before you begin rolling your eyeballs, let me clarify that Hunt's financial advice is solid. I've read most of them in many other financial books BUT none of them convinced me to follow them until I read this book. Why? Because Hunt gave me the motivation to do so. She knew how to appeal to me using my lingo. Her financial advice makes perfect sense especially in our day when the commercial industry is telling us to do just the opposite—spend now, pay later, don't deprive yourself, put it on credit.

I learned a lot of things reading this book and it came at the right time in our life. My husband and I are looking at our spending habits and looking for ways to save, to spend only within our means, to see exactly where our hard-earned money is going really. Applying the 7 money rules in this book is not easy but doing it will bring peace of mind and financial freedom. We've already put a plan in action. Even just working on one or two rules for now will make a big difference.

It's obvious Hunt wants everyone to understand more about the financial world because she goes out of her way to simplify her explanations, sometimes using illustrations, so that you will find yourself nodding and saying, "Oh, I get it!" If you are having trouble with your finances, want to improve them, want the right motivation to make financial changes or just learn more about how to take care of your money, then I strongly suggest you pick up this book. It's easy to read, under 200 pages and will make you see how you handle your money in a different light in view of our economy and our changing world.

Note: This book is rated C = clean read.

Reviewed by Laura

Disclosure: Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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