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Mailbox Monday for October 31st

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia at A Girl and Her Books. It is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week. Savvy Verse & Wit is hosting for the month of October. You can view the touring blog list at Mailbox Monday blog for the upcoming months.

We got some awesome books this week!

Dancing on the Inside by Glen C. Strathy (for review for Pump Up Your Book Promotions)

Ever since her grandparents gave her a DVD of Swan Lake, twelve-year old Jenny Spark has wanted to be a dancer. But on her first day of ballet class, she suffers a panic attack and makes a horrifying discovery. She's terrified of dancing in front of the other kids, and as for actually performing for an audience? Forget it.

Yet Jenny refuses to give up her dream. With determination and a little ingenuity, she finds ways to observe ballet classes without actually participating. She trains in the safety of her room, while hiding the truth from her parents. Then Jenny meets her exact opposite: Ara Reyes, an outgoing, spontaneous, and accident-prone girl who loves dancing but has always been overlooked.

The girls' friendship blossoms as they help each other uncover their real talents. Ara's dancing takes a leap forward and Jenny discovers she has an amazing gift for choreography. With the support of the school's newest teacher, Jenny's original ballet might just make it on stage ... but will she?

A Forest of Gold by Courtney Maika (for review from Scholastic)

It is the 1920s, and twelve-year-old Emily Pattersen lives in a logging community in northern Ontario — a place where lumber is king and the forests make many men rich. She, of course, has more important things to concern herself with: run-ins with know-it-all Tilly at school, dealing with her frustrating brothers, and trying not to roll her eyes at her very serious mother's penchant for assigning Duties.

A new set of worries comes to her when, against their parents' wishes, her hot-headed brother Joe sneaks off to work at a lumber camp. Emily is the only one who knows where he's gone. Scared and anxious, she gets the post every day to intercept Joe's letters, with word about his safety. Life has suddenly become complicated, as Emily struggles to remain an obedient daughter, while protecting her brother's secret.

Cat Found by Ingrid Lee (for review from Scholastic)

In Billy’s small town, stray cats are running wild, and some people want to get rid of them. The school bullies even throw rocks at the poor creatures! So when Billy finds a hurt starving kitten and sneaks her home, he has to be extra careful to keep her hidden while he nurses her back to health. However precious little Conga is to him, he knows his dad would take her away if he discovered her, cozy and warm, in Billy’s bedroom!

Can Billy and his friends face the cat bullies, show the town the importance of caring for abandoned animals, and find a safe haven for strays?

The Time Time Stopped by Don Gillmor (for review from Scholastic)

Ten-year-old Tristan Burberry has endured many hours of unpleasantness lately. Time spent pinned under the disapproving gaze of his new teacher, time spent trudging though the mall after his older sister, and time spent sitting with the school bully on the bus. Tristan hates time. So he makes it stop. Or so he thinks…

When the world comes to a confused standstill, Tristan thinks it's his fault. In actual fact, time has stopped because the Time Keeper, who has been making time for centuries, has quit, fed up with people's lack of appreciation. Then, unfortunately, the Time Keeper gets kidnapped by the nefarious Time Bandits. Tristan, along with his sister Bella, sets out on a long and complicated journey to find him, hoping to get time back.

Explorers Who Made It...or Died Trying by Frieda Wishinsky (for review from Scholastic)

Discover why each of these 12 intrepid explorers risked everything to conquer the great unknown.

Explorers have transformed the world with their curiosity. But with great knowledge comes great responsibility, and thriving on adventure has often lead to great danger.

The explorers profiled here will give younger readers a fascinating survey of the history of this most dramatic of pastimes. The themes that are explored are: what motivated these explorers? What were they looking for, and what did they actually find? How did their journeys change their lives and the lives of the people they met?

Case Files: 40 Murders and Mysteries Solved by Science by Larry Verstraete (for review from Scholastic)

Savvy investigative work and scientific knowledge combine to answer perplexing questions and to uncover long-unknown truths. Using a trail of evidence — clues, careful observation, laboratories and new testing protocols — scientists reveal intriguing answers to such questions as: What really killed Beethoven? Are the Hitler diaries real or fakes?

The stories and sidebars show how scientists collect clues, analyse them, test theories, and arrive at solutions — or gather enough evidence to support further investigation. The cases involve branches of science as wide-ranging as astronomy and biochemistry to geology and physics.

These are gripping high-interest stories for middle-grade non-fiction lovers, with Canadian content throughout. A helpful index and glossary are also provided.

So what did you get in your mailbox last week?

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  1. You did get awesome books! The cover of Cat Found is calling my name!!

  2. Great looking books! Hope you enjoy them all...and thanks for visiting my blog.

    I really like the look of Cat Found.

  3. Wow! you did get a nice lot of books. I am loving the cat one - enjoy!

  4. Cat Found looks heartbreaking. I hope you enjoy all your new books.

  5. The kitty book sounds like a tough read. The kitty on the cover is very cute though!

  6. I think the explorers book sounds good!

  7. Interesting mailbox, enjoy!

  8. Nice assortment of books! I especially like the looks of Cat Found.

  9. Great Mailbox! I think I'd like Forest of Gold. Enjoy!

  10. Looks like a bunch of books I should show to my daughter. Can't wait for your thoughts. Enjoy!


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