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Kid Konnection: My Beastly Book Series from Owlkids

Owlkids has a fun series called My Beastly Book. Each book allows kids 150 ways to doodle, scribble, color and draw in silly and out-of-the-ordinary ways. They are very hands-on and were an instant hit with my 7 year-old son. The following are the latest in this installment.

My Beastly Book of Hilarious Heroes: 150 Ways to Doodle, Scribble, Color and Draw, illustrated by Vincent Boudgourd
Owlkids Books
ISBN: 978-1926973012
Published August 2011
Softcover, 160 pages

The first thing that caught our eye is the format of this book. It is large: 9.5 by 10.5 inches, allowing lots of space to color, cut, draw, scribble or follow whatever quack instructions are included on each page. The second thing that struck us immediately is the silliness or perhaps cheekiness of this book, from the illustrations to the open-ended activities kids are asked to do.

For example, this Beastly Book is all about funny heroes. It's filled with activities to whip the heroes or villains into shape, and it makes your kid feel like a superhero too. My 7 year-old son has already made his superhero mask, and played a trick on me by putting the cut-out underwear in my purse as a practical joke! He's also cut out the keyhole to see what happens in a monster's cave. This book gives him the upper hand. He can play cute tricks on his family and get a kick out of it.

When I asked my son what he thought of the book he said, "Oh, mom, it's SO fun!"  After watching him spend hours delighting in this book, I believe him. The instructions are easy to follow and he doesn't need my help since he just needs markers, colors, scissors, glue and tape to let his imagination take over. The best part for me is that it's unconventional. It allows kids to do silly things different from what is asked at school. I find myself telling my kids what's proper and what's not, which is essential to their education  but this book allows them to do crazy things and it's okay!

It's the perfect book for rainy days or when your kid has had enough TV or computer games. Highly recommended to bring out the imagination in your kid. Wild or otherwise!

My Beastly Book Of Twisted Tales: 150 Ways to Doodle, Scribble, Color and Draw, illustrated by Bérengère Delaporte (Rated: C)
Owlkids Books
ISBN: 978-1926973005
Published June 2011
Softcover, 160 pages

This Beastly Book has all the fun and quirky features of the Hilarious Heroes book I reviewed above, but this time the topic is fairy tales and letting kids use their imagination to twist them up.

For example, one of the first things in the book was to mess up Cinderella's ballgown. My son looked at me inquisitively and asked, "You mean I can just scribble on her?" to which I replied "You can do whatever you like!" So he began drawing sown patches on the gown and all kinds of twirly things sticking out of it. I was so impressed! It looked messed up yet he had clearly thought about it and gave Cinderella a whole new "twisted" look. The book is filled with crazy and wild things to do with Goldilocks, Puss in Boots, Hansel and Gretel and a slew of other fairy tale characters.

Compared to Hilarious Heroes, this one may be geared more for girls but so far my son doesn't seem to care, since it's just as fun and weird as the other book. I think my son is happy to have a book designed for kids to do all kinds of wacky things. He loves this series. And one of the things I like too is that they are affordable. Parents will also be surprised at what the activities can reveal about their kids. It made me question, How imaginative is my kid? I think I will be pleasantly surprised to find out as my kid continues to have fun with this book!

You can get free downloads from the Beastly Book series if you  like / follow Owlkids on Facebook and Twitter. Watch for a giveaway of these books on Aug 17, 2011!

Disclosure: Thanks Leslie Black from Owlkids for sending me these books for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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  1. I'm sure my son would have loved these books too - he was always checking "how to draw" books out of the library.

  2. What a fantastic idea! I'm a little worried my younger girls might think drawing in their "traditional" books might become okay- but I think I'm going to give these a shot anyway. Thanks!

  3. What a great idea for a set of books. I know Booking Son would love these! Owlkids certainly has some fantastic books.


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