Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander

Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander (Rated: C)
Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0764203916
Published September 1, 2010
Trade Paperback, 384 pages

As I was reading this sweet historical romance, I kept getting flashbacks of when I used to watch Little House of the Prairie and Road to Avonlea: small town, good morals, God-fearing characters and great storytelling. Just as I thoroughly enjoyed those TV series, I also did this book.

It’s the late 1800s. Rachel Boyd is a widow with two young sons, who is struggling to keep her ranch after her husband dies. Rand Brookston is a doctor who chooses to set up practice in the town of Timber Ridge in the wilds of the Colorado Rockies instead of accepting a prestigious fellowship in New York. Both Rachel and Rand have fears they need to confront to move forward in the future. I especially liked Rand’s character and his story, and I wouldn’t have minded at all if it had been expanded. I understood Rand’s fear well, but I thought Rachel’s fear was not as hard to overcome and it prolonged unfounded toward the end of the story.

The setting and the circumstances (I love reading about medicinal practice in the 1800s) was one that truly rendered this book appealing. The medical scenes held my interest, like when an innovative surgery was performed, or when Rand explained a medical phenomena that affected his life in the past. I found these details fascinating.

Alexander’s writing is rich, bringing both setting and emotions to life. I was easily able to see the characters and feel their pain, and I was brought to tears several times. The story is not fast paced but unfolds slowly, and I had to adjust to this pacing. Once I did, I savoured it. Because of this, I found that things were wrapped up a little too quickly in the end. The characters made many references to God and their faith, and some Bible verses were quoted. The message is clear that trusting and relying in God will help one conquer their fears and live a full and satisfying life no matter what trials befall them. 

Although this is Book 3 of the Time Ridge Reflection Series, it can be read alone. I had not read the previous ones and I did not feel like I was missing anything. If you enjoy Christian fiction with a sweet romance thrown in, you will definitely enjoy this one. It's one of those cozy books you'll like reading, snuggled on the couch with a hot cup of tea close by.

Disclosure: Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for sending me this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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  1. This does sound good!

    I do hope you'll enjoy The Mysterious Benedict Society and Betsy-Tacy books with your kids! So worth it!

  2. This does sound good!

    I do hope you'll enjoy The Mysterious Benedict Society and Betsy-Tacy books with your kids! So worth it!

  3. I enjoy your blog and enjoyed this book immensely!
    There's a sweet award for you at

  4. This book is going on my TBR list! It sounds so good!

    I have an award for you over at my blog!

  5. I love your review of this amazing book and thank you so much for stopping by and reading mine as well.

    Looking back now, this book does have a perfect blend of Little House on the Prairie meets Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman both of which I loved watching growing up.

    Looking forward to many more reviews of yours in the future.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Hey! I just found your blog over at Book Loving Mommy... lovin it so far! I really love that you review "clean" books... not many out there! I am a new follower. You can check out my blog and follow me back if you want...have a great day!

  7. I love your writing style.

  8. Thanks Tammy G and Book Loving Mommy for your awards! I am honoured.

    Thanks for reading my review too!

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to check out your blog too.

    @I'm Alee
    Since I'm a writer, that's a huge compliment. Thanks!

  9. I have this in my stack. I didn't realize it was part of series, but I'm glad to know it can stand alone.

  10. Great review, Laura......sounds like an interesting book to read...will have to add it to my TBR stack!


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