Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CSN Bookshelf Review

About three weeks ago I posted that CSN Stores contacted me about reviewing one of their products. I chose a bookshelf since I really needed one now that my book pile has grown. So I ordered the Winsome Espresso Wide 3 Section Storage Shelf.

It was delivered 13 days later which is very good for international shipping (US to Canada). It was well-packaged and arrived intact. My husband put it together in 20 minutes because it was easy to assemble. For the finishing touch we noticed one of the wood plugs (to cover the screws) was a tad larger than the others and did not fit into its hole. But it was a minor problem that was quickly rectified by sanding it down a little and gently hammering it in.

This wood bookcase is sturdy and looks very good in my living room corner. It can hold books of various sizes, and I could still put some small paperbacks in front of the books since the shelves are wide enough. I like the look of it and the fact that you can mix and match with the other bookshelves—both narrow and wide—in this collection. You can even purchase storage baskets to change the look and function of this product.

This bookcase currently sells for $79.99 USD and the shipping is free. I ordered it with a gift certificate and although the product and the shipping was free I still paid $1.45 tax and $29.01 international fees. So my total cost was $30.46 USD, ($32.34 CAD) which is 38% of the product price. In view of this, I think the international fees are not advantageous for those living outside the US.

Apart from this drawback, this bookshelf is a great addition to my home and a perfect place to hold my beloved books!

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  1. The bookcase is lovely - too bad you had to deal with extra fees.

  2. That's a very sharp bookcase! Too bad about the international fees. That doesn't exactly make ordering from them cost effective for you. Enjoy your bookcase!

  3. The bookcase looks very nice in your living room, Laura. We always need more space for BOOKS! Despite the added cost enjoy your shelf.

  4. The previous comment was from me, by the way, not anonymous!!

  5. It looks great! I see it holds quite a few books too. Enjoy!


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