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Face Value: DIY Secrets to Beauty and a Younger Face by Gregory Landsman (Book Spotlight and Giveaway!)

Book Details:

Book Title: Face Value - DIY Secrets to Beauty and a Younger Face by Gregory Landsman
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 67 pages
Genre: Beauty & Grooming; Health & Wellness; Self Help
Publisher: Hill of Content Publishing
Release date: 2020
Tour dates: Jan 11 to Jan 29, 2021
Content Rating: G.

Book Description:


Following the success of the best selling first edition, the new revised version of Gregory Landsman’s Face Value is jam packed with simple DIY secrets to beauty and younger looking skin that can achieve powerful results in a very short time. Featuring an entirely new chapter on rejuvenating night serums, Face Value will change the way you think and approach beauty as you discover that utilizing natural ingredients can provide real and lasting solutions to give you a natural glow and a younger looking face.

Find recipes to…
• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• Stimulate collagen production
• Improve skin firmness and elasticity
• Protect skin from damaging free radicals
• Rehydrate, tighten and tone the face
• Restore the skin’s radiance and natural pH levels
• Reduce age spots, pigmentation and blemishes

With Face Value, you can achieve younger looking skin without having to leave your own kitchen!

Watch the book trailer:
After watching this, I was so motivated to start making my own beauty products!

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Check Out The Entire 10 Years Younger Series:

The complete solution to PREMATURE AGING. The simple, effective, science-based methods in these three books give everyone the opportunity to achieve younger, healthier looking skin at any age…for next to nothing!
  • Get your skin back on track after the holidays with the most powerful anti-aging ingredients found in everyday foods.
  • Fulfill a new years resolution to look your best self at every age with simple effective methods to achieve younger, healthier looking skin that will take years off the face.
  • Spend some time nurturing yourself and take years off your face for next to nothing.
  • This new year get the same results as expensive cremes without having to leave your kitchen.

    Each book stands alone, focusing on a different method to achieving younger looking skin i.e. Face Value - DIY topical treatments; Face Fitness - facial exercise; and Face Food - anti-aging foods). Together they represent the ultimate guide to younger, healthier and more vital looking skin at any age.

“With knowledge and know how we can counteract and prevent premature aging, as small changes make a big difference to the way we age over time.”
Gregory Landsman

To receive a free copy of Gregory’s e-book, STOP SKIN AGING PREMATURELY, which includes a list of the most powerful cortisol lowering foods go to:

Meet the Author:

Gregory Landsman is one of the most noted global beauty and wellness experts in the world, a best selling author of nine books, and a TV host who specializes in using food to take years off the face naturally.

Having worked in the beauty industry for 30+ years Gregory believes that looking youthful goes well beyond waging war on wrinkles, and that how we age is 100% controllable. His natural methods are used globally by models, shown in universities and recommended by doctors.

Often referred to as ‘The Beauty Advisor’, Gregory’s books and global TV program Face Lifting Food show viewers how to create quick skin-boosting meals and powerful skin treatments using everyday foods to achieve younger, healthier looking skin at any age.

Gregory is a strong voice for inclusion. His book, Faith Lifting Prayers is a celebration of humanity and captures his journey of extremes; from Apartheid South Africa to working at the height of the fashion industry, and his fundamental discovery that regardless of what we do, how we look cannot be separated from how we feel. This is why all of his books, even those about looking younger, all feature his own quotes and philosophy about the importance of feeling good in our skin. His book A Lifetime of BEAUTY also shares messages for early teens and middle years about embracing our differences and our individuality; finding happiness; and standing strong in a world that often judges us for the way we look. This book is endorsed for inclusion in the education system.

Connect with the author: website ~ podcast ~ goodreads

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