Monday, September 30, 2019

Blog Ahead October Challenge 2019

Ever since I started working full-time I haven't been as organized as I'd like in preparing my blog posts ahead of time. So when I saw this challenge, I thought it was perfect for me. Thanks to Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup for hosting this annual challenge. Want to get ahead in preparing your blog posts? Check out this challenge and join me!

Here's more info:

The Gist: Blog blog blog and up those scheduled completed posts by 31 during the month of October.

Calculate your Goal: On Oct 1 look at your number of "scheduled" posts (posts that you could publish right then and there) and add 31 to that number. That is your goal to reach by November 1st.

Who Can Join? Anyone with a blog! New blog, old blog, any subject blog, author blog, etc.

What Now? Sign up here! Create a post about the event or add it to your weekly meme post. Join the FB group. Spread the word. Then just wait for October to kick off and then blog your heart out!

I'd love to have 31 ready-made posts done during this challenge, but it may not be realistic with my schedule so my goal is going to be to have at least 15 posts ready ahead of time. They may just need to have the review added to it, but at least I'll be prepared. Yep, I'll be prepared!

Do you folks prepare your posts ahead of time?

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  1. i am doing this challenge too. i love it. gets me motivated to finish up the year
    sherry @ fundinmental


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