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Joy to You and Me (at Work!) by Amy Thornton (Book Spotlight, Author Interview and Giveaway!)

Today, I'm spotlighting a book that I think is needed in the workforce. It's filled with advice that the reader can implement quickly to start making a positive difference in the workplace. I had the chance to interview the author and she also offered to give away copies of her book. Check it out!

Book Details:

Book Title: Joy to You and Me (at Work!) by Amy Thornton
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 179 pages
Genre: Self-help, Business
Publisher: Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC
Release date: June 5, 2018
Tour dates: Oct 1 to 19, 2018
Content Rating: PG (This book is for ages 16+, so there is the occasional "damn", "hell", and "ass" thrown in as far as language, but nothing worse than that.)

Book Description:

Are you one of the 48% of employees worldwide who doesn't like their jobs? Do you feel constantly stressed at the office? Or maybe you're just feeling "blah" about your job and want to bring some life back into your workplace. If you talk to anyone about their careers or jobs these days, most of the time you won't hear positive stories or excitement. You'll probably hear words like "busy", "stressed", "exhausting", and "mind-numbing." And with the good old 40-hour workweek becoming a distant memory for many of us, this reality is just plain sad.

Joy to You and Me (At Work!) helps turn these situations around by giving the reader easy tips they can implement quickly to start making a positive difference in the workplace. Being joyful isn't just a "fluffy-cutesy-nice" thing to do each day - it actually increases productivity and is good for any company or organization. The book helps anyone learn how to:

- Be a more joyful person
- Bring joy to co-workers
- Bring joy to customers
- Bring joy to networking

This fun, easy-to-read guide shows people of all ages and personalities how to make a difference immediately to make not only themselves happier, but to spread that happiness throughout the workplace - and beyond!

By sharing stories from the author's 25+ years of making a joyful difference in the workplace and examples from truly kick-ass companies, Joy to You and Me (At Work!) is a life-changing, fun read for anyone who wants to improve their work life.

My Interview with Amy Thornton:

LCR: Amy, thank you for joining us on Library of Clean Reads! Can you describe your book in 20 words or less?

AT: Thank you for having me! My book shows people how to be more joyful in their workplaces so they can spread that joy to co-workers, customers, and while networking.

LCR: Why did you decide to write a book about joy in the workplace?

AT: Whenever I’ve left a job, people have gotten quite upset. It’s not that I’m some super-genius or anything, but I would lead and implement so many joyful practices that my former co-workers were always sad to see them end. I got to thinking, “What if I could create a guide on how to bring joy to the workplace?” to help people enjoy their jobs more and increase their productivity. I know from my own experience that being positive at work helps people accomplish more and reduce their stress.

LCR: How did you go about gathering your information?

AT: Some of the information I share in the book comes from the Dale Carnegie principles. Carnegie was the author of the How to Win Friends and Influence People and other books. Today there are courses based on these books being taught all over the world.

I conducted interviews with people from all types of positions and researched some joyful practices conducted in small, medium, and large companies. I relied on publications such as Forbes and the Harvard Business Review to show why being joyful at work is so important. Finally, I often shared my own experiences.

LCR: Can you tell me more about your work as a former Dale Carnegie instructor?

AT: I was fortunate to be a Dale Carnegie instructor from 1998 – 2008. I was already a fairly positive person, but this course helped me become even more enthusiastic. It was a joy to help people from all walks of life learn how to relate better with others, become strong leaders, improve their communication skills, and reduce their worry and stress.

It was hard to leave, but I wanted to pursue other interests. I’ll always recommend the course to anyone wanting to change his or her life for the better!

LCR: If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

AT: I would go to early 1926 to see my grandmother when she was a senior in high school in Mishawaka, IN. I was incredibly close to her and I’ve always been intrigued by her senior picture. It would be wonderful to see her as a girl and to experience that simpler time in life.

LCR: Are you working on another book project?

AT: Yes, my next book will be a novel about two best friends that encounter a huge wedge in their relationship. Even I don’t know yet if this wedge will be permanent or how greatly it will affect their friendship, but it will be a thought-provoking, emotional read.

LCR: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now, both in your professional and personal life?

AT: I want to be a full-time author! Right now I’m an author/grant consultant. I enjoy consulting, but being an author has been my dream since I was eight. I finally feel like I’m on the path to making that dream come true.

Personally, my husband and I will be “empty nesters” in five years. We want to travel more. I’d also like to volunteer at a therapeutic horseback-riding center where I used to work. I love horses and miss them being in my life.

LCR: Any advice for writers who want to write a non-fiction self-help or business book?

AT: It sounds cliché, but write what you know. I never imagined writing a self-help/business book. I’m more of a fiction writer. But as soon as this topic hit me, I knew it was perfect because bringing joy to others is my life’s mission. Make sure you’re passionate about your topic and you’ll do well!​

LCR: Thank you so much for chatting with me, Amy!

Buy the Book:

Meet the Author:

Amy Thornton Shankland, GPC, has been bringing joy to her workplaces for over 25 years thanks to her innate enthusiasm. She is a former Dale Carnegie instructor, has been a grant professional for 17 years, is a former columnist for the Noblesville Daily Times, and is a current board member of Noblesville Main Street.

Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful post and interview! I love your site and its purpose. It's a great fit for my mission to bring joy to others in life. I wish you much success!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Amy! And for your kind words. :-)

  2. Such a cute cover! Sounds like a helpful read!

  3. Sounds like a book that I would enjoy.


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