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No Good Deed Left Undone by Ginny Fite (Book Spotlight, Guest Post and Giveaway!)

Today I'm kicking off the blog tour for this mystery novel: a thorough detective and a whodunit that keeps you guessing and turning pages. The author also wrote a guest post for me, titled Imaginary Friends. As a writer I can totally relate with this topic. Check it out and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of her latest release and an Amazon gift card!

Book Details:

Book Title: No Good Deed Left Undone by Ginny Fite
Category: Adult Fiction, 267 pages
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Release date: September 10, 2016
Tour dates: Dec 12 to 23, 2016
Content Rating: R (There are a few scenes of explicit sex and violence. Language is PG-13+M)

Book Description:

“He had an itchy feeling, something he had seen that his memory had recorded but that he wasn’t paying attention to…”

When a man has everything, he can afford to be generous. Lawyer, philanderer, and horseman Grant Wodehouse is generous to a fault—until he’s stabbed to death with a pitchfork in his barn. The killer could be anyone—his lover’s husband, his troubled son, the homeless guy he lets sleep in his barn, his unscrupulous partner or even his wife.

​Methodical Detective Sam Lagarde doesn’t miss a clue as he questions an ever-growing list of suspects, only to discover the killer has been hiding in plain sight the entire time. Always one step behind the killer, finally Lagarde’s only recourse is one he never wanted to take.

Buy the Book: Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble

Guest Post:

Imaginary Friends 
by Ginny Fite 

In some ways, writing novels is like spending all day, every day, with your imaginary friends—the way you did when you were a child and poured a cup of imaginary tea for a friend no one could see, or insisted your mother kiss the invisible Emily goodnight or leave a seat for Jim at the dinner table.

Your invisible friends talk to you, stand on their heads to get your attention, and whisper secrets in your ear that are so tantalizing you have to run and tell someone about them. They invite you to try out new games and challenge you to roll down grassy hills. They run by your side when you charge up a mountain, laser gun in hand.

I used to worry that having invisible friends as an adult meant I was just a little bit crazy, hearing voices, imagining scenes with people I’d never met, doing things in my imagination I could never actually do.

Then I started writing novels and stopped worrying. I need these guys. They’re far more intense and daring than I am. Sometimes the dark half of my brain needs to take over and live out its life on the page—a safe place to try out the impossible.

Perhaps these figments of my imagination are shared dreams, or nightmares, that used to be told around a cave fire at night to keep away the real scary things.

Of course, the discipline of writing is more like choosing a lens, focusing in on a subject, adjusting the image until it’s clear, snapping a dozen shots and then developing the one perfect picture. If I can do all that—without my magic smart phone—perhaps I’m not crazy, or only crazy enough to be a novelist.

Maybe all writers are just a little bit crazy, crazy enough to think that the stories that roll around in their heads might intrigue someone else, might give a reader something to hold her breath about, to laugh out loud, or weep over.

Because, if readers find themselves in our books, then we have real companions, flesh and blood friends, who know what we know, who hear what we hear, and feel what we feel.

About the Author:

Ginny Fite is an award-winning journalist who has covered crime, politics, government, healthcare, art and all things human. She's been a spokesperson for a governor and a member of Congress, a few colleges and universities, and a robotics R&D company. She earned degrees from Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University and studied at the School for Women Healers and the Maryland Poetry Therapy Institute. No Good Deed, published by Black Opal Books in 2015, is her second Sam Lagarde mystery/thriller set in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

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  2. I think it looks like an intensely good mystery.

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  5. An intriguing and unique mystery which I would enjoy very much. Thanks for your great feature and giveaway.

  6. I love a good mystery! Thanks for sharing about the book!

  7. Oh I would love to read this! I love mysteries that keep you turning the pages and guessing what happened!

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