Friday, November 18, 2016

SCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Book Spotlight & Giveaway!)

Today I'm spotlighting a book that can make a difference if you are thinking of starting your own business but have your doubts, are told you will not be able to do it or need some tips to get you going. Youth advocate, teacher and educator Tim Carthon has just released his new book perfect for the new entrepreneur. Make sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win your own copy!

Book Details:

Book Title: SCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Tips 1-20)
Author: Tim Carthon
Category: Adult non-fiction, 156 pages
Genre: Business & Economics / Entrepreneurship
Publisher: CreateSpace®
Release date: Nov 7, 2016
Tour dates: Nov 7 to 25, 2016
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

How many times in your life have you been dissuaded from following your entrepreneurial dreams due to either fear of failure (be that fear from yourself or others) or doubt due to the unknown?

Startup business infrastructure specialist Tim Carthon’s new book, SCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Tips 1-20); the first in his new 5-part business tips book series, gives you streamlined, powerful tips for pivotal decision points that can make all the difference in your business and its startup outcomes.

SCREW YOU! is the quintessential ‘Break glass in case of a fear and doubt emergency’ business tips book for aspiring entrepreneurs; bringing energy to your warrior and light to the unknown so that you can tell fear and doubt “SCREW YOU!” and never let either of them rule your lives again.

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Tim Carthon in action teaching a workshop:

Meet the Author:

Known as ‘The Fiery Truth-Teller,’ Tim Carthon is a long time at-risk youth advocate, keynote teacher, author, and educator, and a proud father of his namesake TJ. Mixed with his passion for telling the “fiery truth” and helping people, he is using his extensive knowledge of and perspective on business infrastructure to ‘uniquely’ assist individuals in inner cities to remove fear and doubt and follow their business ownership dreams. Tim accomplishes this through his exclusive E2 Seminar™ (Economic Enlightenment Seminar) and SBI Workshop™ (Startup Business Infrastructure Workshop™). His saying and life’s motto: “Your life was not given to you for you. It was given to you for you to be a blessing to someone else.”

Connect with the author:   Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Youtube

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  1. (*Opening and walking through the golden doors of this beautiful library...)

    Hey there everyone! This is my 2nd tour stop of the day and I'm SO happy to have this spotlight here.

    Hey, books are found in libraries, right? 😌

    Any questions about anything entrepreneurially, feel free to ask. Don't worry. First consultation is free 😉 J/k Lol.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tim! We are happy to have featured you here on our blog.

  2. This content is written very well. Your use of formatting when making your points makes your observations very clear and easy to understand. Thank you. Saul Mishkin

    1. Thank you for the positive review!

      As you can imagine, that specific formatting was purposeful. Just like in the business startup framework that I do for my entrepreneurial clients, you have to format things in the manner in which people 'think.'

      People think in short bursts because things are easier to remember that way. I wanted people to remember the points because that's the best way I can help them, and isn't that the point of my help? :-)

      I'd love for you to leave that review on the Amazon® page. Nothing like an great review from an awesome reader!


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