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Haven: Chronicles of Warshard by Katherine Bogle (Review, Interview and Giveaway)

Book Details:

Book Title: Haven (Chronicles of Warshard #1) by Katherine Bogle
Category: YA fiction, 208 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Friesen Press
Release date: May 2016
Content Rating: PG-13 (graphic and gruesome violence in the form of battle scenes, death and torture)

Book Description:

Princess Haven was never meant to be Queen.

Her immortality has saved her time and time again, but when the last of her royal family dies at her feet, she is next in line to rule a nation on the brink of war. With no formal training on how to be Queen, Haven must rise to the occasion with the help of her best friends, and personal guard, or risk losing everyone she has ever loved.

With war to the West, and no escape to the East, the evil tyrant Kadia sets her sights on the six kingdoms. Haven's neighbors are quick to fall under the swords of Kadia's shadow soldiers, leaving a sea of bodies and a clear path to Haven's only home. Haven must make a choice; take her people and flee to the foreign Republic across the sea or lead a last stand against a powerful dictator.

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My Review

Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

Every year I find a few books that are hidden gems. Haven is one of those books for me. It is YA historical mixed in with some fairy tale and magical elements. I was swept away by this story and enjoyed the unique aspects that Katherine Bogle brings out, making me understand why her book won second place in World's Best Story.

Haven is a strong character who becomes queen of her kingdom when her parents and brothers are killed by the evil Queen Kadia. Unlike any of her family members, she is also immortal and cannot be killed, although her enemies have tried. But Haven sees this more as a curse than a blessing until she uses this power to save her people and those of the neighboring six kingdoms.

The author beautifully explores this internal dilemma that Haven faces and we see how she grows from an insecure young woman to a powerful queen who faces her fears even after torture and deep loss. She also allows herself to finally fall in love.

The world-building is well done although I would have liked more details about their journey in the tunnel to Seaburn. The themes of loyalty, friendship and facing one's fears are well explored and I think are essential in a YA novel. This book is filled with action and adventure and the pacing is good. It's a clean novel with no sex or profanity, but there is graphic and gruesome violence in the form of battle scenes, death and torture.

Although this is the first book in a trilogy, the ending was satisfying and it left me with anticipation for the next book, which I look forward to reading. If you like YA historical novels with a strong female protagonist, this one delivers with high-stakes action and plenty of fantastical elements!

To read more reviews, please visit Katherine Bogle's page on iRead Book Tours.

Disclosure: Thanks to the author for sending me this book for review. I was not told how to rate or review this product.

Our Interview with Katherine Bogle

LCR: Can you describe your book's story in 20 words or less.

KB: Haven must defend her kingdom and only home against an evil tyrant bent on possessing her immortal power.

LCR: Your novel Sanctum placed 6th in the World’s Best Story contest 2014 and Haven placed 2nd in the World’s Best Story 2015. How has this impacted your life as a writer?

KB: Coming so close to winning the World’s Best Story contest 2 years in a row has definitely been an amazing experience. It took me from a wannabe author to a published indie author in only 2 years! Sometimes I still can’t believe it!

LCR: You write YA and NA sci-fi and fantasy novels. What has sparked your love of these genres?

KB: I’ve always been a long time fan of fantasy and sci-fi, from Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and Narnia, to Stark Trek and Star Wars, I think it was only a matter of time before I dived right in to both genres.

LCR: Do you attend comic-con and who are your favorite authors?

KB: Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of attending comic-con yet! It has been a long time dream of mine, and I do hope to one day be able to attend. My favorite authors currently are Lindsay Buroker, Susan Dennard, Shilin Huang and Kristin Cashore.

LCR: As a writer, what is your advice to aspiring writers?

KB: Just write. It is as simple as that. Whatever free time you have, use it to write as much as you can. Even if you don’t think it’s publishable, even if it’s fan fiction or roleplaying, do it. Those years of writing and story telling will help you develop not only your skill but your career as well.

LCR: If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

KB: Honestly, I’d really love to visit prehistoric times and check out some dinosaurs. I love Jurassic Park and Terra Nova!

LCR: If there was one thing you would want readers to remember about you, what would it be?

KB: I’d want readers to remember I write strong women. I think it is very important to include women in all aspects of literature and showcase how diverse we are. 

LCR: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Katherine!

About the Author

Katherine Bogle's debut young adult novel, Haven, came second in the World's Best Story contest 2015. She currently resides in Saint John, New Brunswick with her partner in crime, and plethora of cats.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

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