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Learning the Secret Language of Cats by Dr. Carol Teed (Review & Giveaway)

Learning the Secret Language of Cats: A Vet's Translation by Dr. Carol Teed
Influence Publishing
ISBN: 978-1771410175
November 2013
Trade paperback, 213 pages

My Review
Reviewed by Laura Fabiani

I've owned a cat now for 6 years. We adopted Blaisy from an organization that saves cats who are missing a home. Blaisy had been found outdoors in the winter emancipated and frostbitten before she was rescued. They suspected she was an indoor cat that somehow had gotten lost or perhaps cruelly kicked out.

When I started reading Dr. Teed's book, I knew I was going to learn a lot of things I didn't know about cats. And I was right. Although this is a non-fiction book, written by a veterinarian, it was easy to read. Dr. Teed's conversational text and personal accounts kept my attention, making this a touching book as well. It made me aware that Blaisy has needs like the rest of my family and that she could also be under stress, something I had never considered. It made me see my cat in a whole new light. Dr. Teed's book covers many topics from illnesses common to cats to the risks for indoor and outdoor cats. The book is filled with stories about her cat patients and her work as a veterinarian. Some of them were hard to read, such as Dr. Teed's emotional experience with euthanasia.

Dr. Teed's love for cats is prevalent throughout the whole book. She writes in the first person and she includes stories of her own cats as well. She clearly gives the message that cats are good for our souls and that we can learn many valuable lessons from them. This book was a true eye-opener for me in understanding my cat.

I recommend this book to cat owners, especially new pet owners and anyone who loves cats. I think this book differs from other pet care books in the sense that it has a touch of the holistic approach. If you like books that go beyond the physiological care of a cat, then this book will give you that.

Note: This book is rated G.
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Meet the Author

Dr. Carol Teed graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1990. She spent most of her career in feline specialty practice where she became fluent in the mysterious language of cats. While observing cats through their accelerated life cycle, she became fascinated by their ability to bring positive change to the lives of those they interact with. She currently lives in rural Niagara, Ontario, Canada with her husband, four children, two dogs and three cats. She is working on her second book and always has a cat on her lap and two looking over her shoulder.

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Disclosure: Thanks to the author for sending me this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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