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LIFE: Sentiments & Realities by Chris Uyi (Review and Giveaway)

LIFE: Sentiments & Realities by Chris Uyi
Quickfox Publishing
ISBN: 978-0620633802
Published: October 2014
Trade Paperback, 116

The first thing that struck me about this book is its cover. It has such a serene image, depicting a calm beauty. It is appropriate for this non-fiction book that contains some insightful advice about choosing a realistic rather than sentimental approach in achieving a successful and happy life.

This book can be read withing a couple of hours, but it packs a lot of thought-provoking statements. Uyi's desire to help his fellow man is clear in the delivery of his messages about various topics such as religion, business, love, friends, family and others. This is a well-written book with beautiful metaphors that make it a pleasure to read.

There are a few quotes that stayed with me. This one from Epictetus, that Uyi quotes at the beginning of his book, "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows", made me read this book with an open mind. I paid keen attention to the author's thoughts on business, and I agreed with his advice to avoid decisions based on sentiments, and that practice and self-determination will get one far in business. It has for me.

Uyi is kind in giving advice but he is also forthright and doesn't beat around the bush. When in business, he advises never to "give ourselves over to our lower negative side of pessimism" and to fight the tendency to procrastinate. He admonishes patience and quotes Herodotus who said, "Haste in every business brings failure." How true!

Uyi not only quotes from famous men, but also extensively from the Bible, from passages I knew very well. There are several things I did not agree with, but Uyi makes it clear that the information in this book is from his experience and meditation. It is a positive message Uyi is trying to get across. He encourages training the mind to be watchful, thoughtful, and resolute, and I agree that this training will lead to good actions and a wiser course in life.

Finally, in his letter to Nneka (he doesn't divulge who this person is) Uyi says something so beautiful, it really touched me. He tells Nneka:

"Oh troubled one, whatever condition you find yourself in now, please know that, through the desert of life, there are hidden oases of peace, and no matter how dark the night is, the sun will surely rise in due time." p. 106

When I was going through post-partum depression, a similar statement truly helped me cope. This book has many such statements that can be a revelation for those that have not taken the time to meditate on the deeper things in life.

I will be reviewing Uyi's second book Through the Fire on Friday.

Note: This book is rated C = clean read.
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A few words with the author...

LCR: Dr. Dayo Olomu wrote the foreword in Life: Sentiments and Realities, and you mention him as your mentor in your acknowledgements. Can you tell us more about him?

CU: Dr. Dayo Olomu is a Uk based Motivational speaker and peak performance coach. Ten years ago, I watched him in an interview on the best talk show on TV then in Nigeria, New dawn with Funmi Iyanda. I deeply connected with what he was saying. He made a huge impact on my mind set instantly. And then I decided to check him out on the internet. I read every article about him i could find on the internet. Through the course of life, like the saying goes, "who you respect, you attract", we got in touch and since then he has been really helpful in me towing this path. He was the first person to ever read my manuscript and he guided me to become better. Dr. Dayo is an enigma, a man of excellence, an inspiration and a man every one should meet.

LCR: What made you write these two books?

CU: I have had my fair share of life's blows. Been knocked down severely but got back up better and stronger. And so I felt there are a lot of people out there who could benefit from my experiences. When you live long enough, you get to realize people face similar experiences, though they may look different on the surface level. So I have shared my lessons and thoughts with the world through my books and good enough, a whole lot of people have sent me mails of appreciation on how my books have helped them comprehend issues that hitherto perplexed them, and they are walking a more practical path of life and finding daily fulfillment

LCR: In LIFE, chapter ten is about the subject of women. Unlike the other chapters you cite several verses from the Bible but offer no further explanation. Why not?

I believe those verses from the book of Proverbs are self explanatory. I had my flaws with women, and those verses helped me get through. I believe they are sufficient enough for anyone who will read them with an open mind to learn.

LCR: Chris, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of my questions!

About the Author:
Christopher Uyi is an Economist, Business Strategist and Life Coach. He is currently the Principal Partner of i54 Consulting Ltd. A strong believer in educational excellence and philanthropy, he is the founder of Uyi Christopher Ibhazehi-oria Foundation.

Chris is a prolific writer who, in his words, ''does not write for fun but writes to deliver a message''. He has published several well-acknowledged articles and two life/mind uplifting books.

Connect with Chris: Facebook

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Reviewed by Laura

Disclosure: Thanks to the author for sending me this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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