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The Publicist by Christina George (Audiobook Review and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!)

The Publicist by Christina George
Released Oct 30, 2014
Narrator: Lisa Cordileone
Length: 5 hours 54 minutes

So I've heard a lot about this book, read countless reviews and was curious to read a novel whose main character is a publicist. Now that I work very closely with authors, publicist and publishers, promoting their titles, I was even more curious.

I can see why this book is so popular with book bloggers. The Publicist gives you an inside look at the book publishing and marketing industry. And, man is it ever interesting! Especially since the author has said in a past interview that a lot of what is in this book has actually happened. And as unbelievable as some of it may seem I can certainly see it happening, and even more so today as the industry of book publishing is getting more and more competitive and publicists have to be both counselors and strategists to get the work done.

Kate is a great publicist. She loves her job and she goes out of her way to get her authors the best publicity. She's got good gut instincts when it comes to her work and is kind and compassionate, even with the authors "whose—oh, I love this saying!—"ego has landed!" Yeah, I've spoken to a few of those writers who simply can't believe no one wants to publish their masterpiece or read their book.

Mac, the sexy editor, works with Kate and respects her and her work. Then about halfway through the novel, we meet Nicolas, the sunny blond Californian who is the nephew of Alan Lavigne. I liked Alan a lot. He was a brilliant one-time best-selling author who now lived alone, was depressed and was supposed to be writing his second novel. Kate checked up on him and they had a beautiful friendship. He was her confidant when it came to the world of publishing. Grace was the perfect best friend, giving Kate wise advise even though Kate didn't always take it.

For me the best part about this book was that the story revolved around Kate's colorful job. The Publicist is a revelatory look at book publishing. I'm not a huge fan of contemporary romance, I prefer historical romance, but I do read it from time to time. So what about the romance in this novel? Okay, I'll be honest. It drove me nuts! The main reason is that it happened too fast. I love my romance full of tension, full of angst, till I'm bursting to find out if they'll get together. Kate fell into bed with Mac very easily, too easily, she was an easy conquest. And the best part about romance is the conquest.

I also don't like reading books about extramarital affairs. Mac is married and he has an affair with Kate, but to be fair, his marriage has been one in name only for twenty years. Yeah, you heard right. He hasn't slept with his wife in twenty years because she shunned him after a traumatic experience of which he also suffered and was not at fault. So they stayed together for appearance sake. His boys are in college now and he still won't leave his wife whom he barely sees because she doesn't live in NYC where he does. So for me, Mac's wife broke the sanctity of her marriage way before Mac did when he eventually started having discreet affairs. Still, I questioned why Mac would not leave her.

I also questioned why Kate who now is in love with Mac, goes and does something totally disloyal! And she seems to breeze through this, again with little emotional angst, making the whole romance thing...a bit unrealistic. Grrr...this was frustrating! Kate was more intelligent than this, and it was a big faux pas in my eyes. I wanted to shake her. But we love flawed characters don't we? We want them to do the right thing, make the right decisions that will make them happy, and they take us in on a roller coaster ride when they don't.

The book ends with several loose plot threads. It's a short novel with a narration that lasted about 6 hours. It left me with many questions, and it leaves the reader wanting to read the second book. The narrator Lisa Cordileone did a very good job. I loved how she made Kate and Mac sound. Sometimes the male character voices were grating and a bit off, but this was minor. I'm glad she will be continuing the narration for the two next books because now I have Kate's voice in my head.

So if you love the world of books and want an insider view on publishing, you will get it in this book. Be prepared for explicit sex scenes, religious profanities and lots of f-bombs, way more than was necessary. It marred my listening experience. But if that doesn't bother you, there is also humor, some witty comebacks and plenty of the New York way of life.

Note: This book is rated S = explicit sex scenes and P = Profanity, mainly f-bombs and religious expletives.

Reviewed by Laura

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Disclosure: Thanks to Author Marketing Experts for providing this audiobook for review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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