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Wellness Feature: Wheat Belly by William Davis (An educational journey for this pasta lover!)

This is the first Wellness Feature post on LCR! Maria Fragapane, kinesiologist reviews The Wheat Belly for us. If you've wondered what the hype is all about, read her review. The Wellness Feature is a bi-monthly feature hosted every second Thursday. Feel free to tell us about any book or product that promotes well-being or that you would like to see reviewed here.

Wheat Belly by William Davis
ISBN: 978-1443412735
Published May 11, 2012
Trade paperback, 304 pages

I must say that as an Italian pasta/bread/biscotti/ lover, I was reticent to read a book whose intention was to vilify all that I held dear. How can a food with such ancient roots be bad for you?

My reticence turned to intrigue as Dr. William Davis took me on an educational journey. He starkly contrasts what used to be a healthy God-given grain to what is now a genetically and biochemically modified very distant relative sold under the guise of “healthy whole grains”.

This “modern wheat” is not what it was intended to be. Its laboratory modifications have rendered it so addictive that its presence in most processed foods has contributed to the obesity epidemic. Modern wheat has also triggered cascades of inflammatory and destructive immune responses linked to gastrointestinal problems, arthritic pain, cardiac disease, mood & sleep disorders and dementia.

Dr. Davis not only backs up his claims in a very scientific manner but manages to “lighten” the book with multiple case studies that are relatable and understandable to all readers.

I felt this book to be a revelation, a connecting of the dots for me. I began to observe and question more and more the dietary habits of my senior clients, my family, my friends (and myself!) whose medical histories sometimes confounded me. This new information introduced a viable alternate solution to some medical issues. It offers a step towards prevention rather than the North American “medicated” band-aid solutions we are all familiar with. Simply said: “We are what we eat” and body breakdowns are inevitable if we fuel ourselves with bagels and crackers.

The only disappointment I have regarding Wheat Belly is that it is not an easy “sell”. Several friends have attempted to read it and gave up once the scientific lingo began. This is no fault of the author since the credibility of this book is primarily related to the knowledgeable interpretation of these physiological systems and scientific data. In my opinion, he does a very good job of “mixing it up” with layman’s terms. So, my recommendation: READ THIS BOOK! If you can get through the “boring” but necessary scientific explanations, you will have gained a tremendous amount of insight and motivation. It may be just what you need to get you to eat healthy, whole foods the way we were intended to, without the boxes or laboratories.

Note: This book is rated C = clean read.

Reviewed by Maria Fragapane

Disclosure: I bought this book. I was not told how to rate or review this product.

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