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Mailbox Monday and It's Monday, What are You Reading? April 29 Edition

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia who now blogs at To Be Continued. It is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week. Mari at MariReads is hosting for the month of April. You can also view the touring blog list here for the upcoming months.

I have one giveaway currently running on my blog:
The Chalice by Nancy Bilyeau (Open to US and Can Ends May 1st)

Review Books:
I got children, middle grade and adult fiction!

Nalah and the Pink Tiger by Anne Sawyer-Aitch

Nalah and the Pink Tiger is about a rambunctious little girl who lives so intensely in her imagination that grown-ups view her as a troublemaker. Things come to a head when, in addition to all the exotic animals that Nalah has “placed” in the house, a pink tiger “follows” her home from the zoo and creates havoc.

Bubble Tubbie by Epiphany Schwarz

Bubble Tubbie is a sensory romp through a child's imagination as they experience the most cherished of childhood rituals; The Bubble Bath. Are you ready? Alrighty then, HOP IN THE TUBBIE! The hardcover version of Bubble Tubbie has been designed to ignite the senses. The shiny white, padded cover is substantial, and includes a peek of the images that you will find inside. Each brightly colored page is loaded with original art and photographic images. Every page has been double laminated, giving a fantastic, smooth feel.  Also included are two full pages of vinyl stickers that can be stuck and re-stuck on the pages, the cover, and especially the bathtub. Bubble Tubbie is a book that children and adults will enjoy equally, reading together, time and again.

Namesake by Sue MacLeod 

It started with a history project. Mr. Gregor assigned a research paper on a figure from the Tudor era, and of course Jane Grey had to pick her namesake-Lady Jane Grey, the fifteen-year-old girl whose parents schemed to place her on the throne of England, then abandoned her to face the executioner. The project is engrossing from the start, but when Jane opens a mysterious prayer book and finds herself in the Tower of London in 1553, she finds herself literally drawn into her namesake's story. Soon, Jane is slipping into the past whenever the present becomes too unbearable, avoiding her mother's demands, her best friend's fickleness, her crush's indifference. In the Tower she plays chess with the imprisoned Lady Jane, awed by her new friend's strength and courage. And it is in the Tower, keeping vigil as the day of the execution draws near, that Jane learns that she, too, must have the courage to fight for her own happiness.

The Illusion of Separateness by Simon Van Booy

In The Illusion of Separateness, award-winning author Simon Van Booy tells a harrowing and enchanting story of how one man’s act of mercy during World War II changed the lives of strangers, and how they each discover the astonishing truth of their connection.

Whether they are pursued by Nazi soldiers, old age, shame, deformity, disease, or regret, the characters in this utterly compelling novel discover in their, darkest moments of fear and isolation that they are not alone, that they were never alone, that every human being is a link in an unseen chain.

The Illusion of Separateness intertwines the stories of unique and compelling characters who—through seemingly random acts of selflessness—discover the vital parts they have played in each other’s lives.

This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. This is where we keep track of what we are currently reading and plan to read.  The kidlit version is hosted by Jen at Teach Mentor Texts.

Read and reviewed:
The Arts-Angel Track 1: Drawn to You by Janel Rodriguez Ferrer (YA reviewed by Sandra)
Jack Absolute by C.C. Humphreys

Currently Reading:
The Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas

Still Listening to:
While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax (very good!)

Hope you all have a great reading week!

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