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The Eternal City by Domenica De Rosa

The Eternal City by Domenica de Rosa (Rated: S for sexual references, not explicit)
Headline Review
ISBN: 978-0755321421
Published June 2006
Paperback, 224 pages

I was feeling nostalgic for Rome, my mother's city where I have a slew of close relatives and fond memories. So I picked up The Eternal City which has been on my bookshelf for awhile. Within 24 hours I had finished the book and was ready to board a plane to Rome!

The story begins on the day Gabriella De Angelis has her first child and her father Enzo dies. Since her father was from native Rome and wished to be buried there, Gaby and her family, along with her two married sisters, Anna and Maria and their families and of course their mother, embark on a trip to Rome from England (where they live) to find the perfect place to scatter Enzo's ashes. It becomes a revealing trip as the three sisters come to terms with their father's death, their heritage, motherhood, and their love for one another.

I loved this book for several reasons. I found myself having much in common with the characters, especially Gabriella: I also have a parent who is a native Roman. I have been to Rome several times and was able to relate to the Roman lifestyle and all the places they visited. We are three sisters in my family too, all with a close and different relationship with my Dad. I know what it's like to experience the conflicting feelings of motherhood for the first time and adjust to this momentous change in one's marriage.

The story has several flashbacks where we get to know Enzo and his relationship with his family. It is a good relationship and it helps the reader to understand the three sisters in relation to their father and each other, including their squabbles and jealousies. Gaby also meets her former lover in Rome and finally comes to term with that tumultuous relationship.

Overall, this book swept me away to Rome. It brought back memories of my former trips there as a teen, and it made me realize more than ever the strong ties I have to that Eternal City. I am now looking forward to reading The Italian Quarter, also by Domenica de Rosa.

I will count this book toward the following challenges: Italy in Books Challenge

Disclosure: I got this book through Bookmooch. I was not compensated in any way, nor told how to rate or review this product.

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  1. I love anything about the relationship between fathers and their daughters. Add Rome to the mix, and you definitely have my attention. Thanks for reviewing this book!

  2. I'm adding to my wish list! Great review!

  3. I've only been to Rome once, but would love to revisit someday. In the meantime, a book that transports me there will do nicely.

  4. I have never been out of this country except to Mexico, and not very far into Mexico at that so Rome sounds like a divine setting for a book. This title is new to me but sounds like a winner!

  5. I love books that transport me to another place like that. This sounds wonderful!

  6. Nice review! Sounds like a good book, I'll have to look it up.


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